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Manufacturer, Distributor, and Service Provider Benefits


Manufacturers: Join NSCA and Elevate Your Business!

As a manufacturer member, your success is tightly linked to the success of integrators. By joining NSCA, you support your customers and gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities designed to grow your business and enhance your influence in the industry.

NSCA is a hands-on trade association that acts as the voice, business resource, and trusted advisor for a community of 800+ of the best systems integrators in the world, representing $6.5B in annual sales. We champion the channel and offer advocacy, research, analysis, events, and marketing opportunities aimed at helping you improve your business and better support integrators.

Unlock Your Business Potential with NSCA – Become a Member Today!

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Why Join NSCA?

Our business resources help service providers and manufacturers support and better serve their dealers.



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Advocacy Efforts

Legislative Support: NSCA helps you understand bills that can create obstacles for integrator/manufacturer businesses. Participate in our weekly industry consortium calls to review upcoming bills and other legislative alerts so you stay ahead of potential challenges.

Channel Strategy

Strategic Guidance: Depending on your membership level, NSCA can work with your team strategically to refine your company’s channel message through integration consultations, including a two-hour strategic consultation.

Dealer Introductions

Sales Support: NSCA can facilitate introductions to integrators across the U.S. and Canada. This has proven incredibly effective for new members.

Marketing Opportunities

Targeted Reach: NSCA’s web traffic consists of dealers and manufacturers in the channel. When you market your capabilities on, you reach integrators directly, ensuring that your marketing efforts hit the right audience.

Business Resource Calls

Tailored Insights: As an NSCA member, you’ll have calls with our team to better understand dealers, from financial benchmarks and metrics to labor unit guides. These insights can help your team better connect with and respond to integrators.

Event Sponsorship

Exclusive Access: Our manufacturer members get exclusive access to high-value networking events. With $6.5B in industry buying power among our attendees, BLC and XBO are event prime opportunities to build lasting business relationships and expand your market reach.

Don’t Miss Out!

Join NSCA today and leverage our resources to drive your business forward.

Review our membership slide deck to see all that NSCA can offer. For more information, or to schedule a call with our team, contact Allie Blok at or 319-861-8638.