C-SIP: Certificate as a Systems Integration Professional: Start New Employees Off Right

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Bringing new employees on board is an exciting process – but providing training to get them up to speed can be time-consuming and overwhelming, with no one able to take full responsibility for the task.

The C-SIP program (training that leads to a certificate as a Systems Integration Professional) is a resource that helps you get new employees started on the right foot. It provides the right level of industry and job-specific training in an online, at-your-own-pace environment – without placing the training or information-transfer burden onto existing staff members.

More than five hours of online training is included in each C-SIP track:


  • Understanding the Channels: An Overview of Social, Mobile, Digital, and Traditional B2B Marketing 
  • Social Selling: What It Is, Why You Need It, How To Do It
  • Want More Leads? Develop Content for Each Stage of Your Buyer’s Journey


  • Key Performance Indicators: The Path to Effective Management
  • What’s Your Organization’s Cost of Quality?
  • A Guide to Gross Margin for Integrators: Above the “Line”

Project Management

  • Keeping Project Contracts Under Control
  • Setting Standards for Proper Contract Management
  • Managing Project Safety and Risk


  • Sales Strategies for Integrators: Succeed in Today’s Market
  • Driving Sales Growth During Change
  • Prospecting & Creating Interest at the Executive Level

Training sessions begin with a 45-minute introduction to the industry, from explaining what integrators do to the impact of technology on organizations worldwide. The sessions then move into specialized training based on the subject selected: finance, marketing, operations, or sales.

Participants receive tips and real-world advice from industry leaders, giving new professionals a solid foundation for a great start in the industry.

Each online program is comprised of five sections. Each section includes an online webinar presentation and follow-up questions. The online courses are approximately 30 to 45 minutes each in length. After viewing each session, users must then complete the Checkpoint quiz questions before proceeding. A score of 70% or higher is required before access to the next section is granted. Once all five sections of the module are completed, the participant can print his/her Certificate of Completion.

It is not necessary to complete all five sections at once. Users may log back in at a later time to complete the training sessions and questions; all sections must be completed within 90 days of the enrollment date.

C-SIP training is included with your NSCA membership and you must login for access.

this content is for members only


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