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May 7, 2024

Introducing NSCA’s Next-Gen Academy


The Next-Gen Academy helps future integration firm leaders better prepare for their executive roles.

One of the long-running narratives in the integration industry is this: We need to continuously develop the next generation of leadership. So many NSCA members are run by long-time industry veterans—many of whom are focused on identifying the next wave of leadership to guide their organizations.

That’s why the NSCA Education Foundation launched its Next-Gen Academy with a kick-off orientation event at the 2022 Business & Leadership Conference.

Leading an integration company isn’t easy. While there are no simple formulas for success, the NSCA Education Foundation recognizes the opportunity to nurture it. Invariably, veteran leaders tell us they wish they knew then what they know now. They wish they were more prepared for their leadership roles. And that’s what the Next-Gen Academy will do.

NSCA CEO Chuck Wilson has been instrumental in working with the NSCA Education Foundation to develop the Next-Gen Academy. Here, he shares insight on the program.

Why We Need the Next-Gen Academy

It’s becoming more apparent each day that our changing workforce requires us to adapt our companies to develop positive employee experiences tailored to the next generation. Likewise, we need to focus on critical skills for success. This is the basis for the Next-Gen Academy.

Meanwhile, we’re finding that STEM programs and technical training are new industry entry points and becoming very popular; we welcome those students into the family. Yet, we find that many of these students lack the soft skills necessary to be considered for key positions beyond installation and technical roles.

As employers, many of us rush them into the workforce as quickly as possible, never taking the time to help them develop customer-facing communications skills or how to articulate the company’s culture and desire to create exceptional experiences for the clients they serve. This is where the Next-Gen Academy will offer the greatest value.

What Next-Gen Academy Will Cover

Our role is to guide the next generation of systems integration professionals through the steps needed to move forward and make a difference in this changing landscape.

We’ll offer guidance on:

  • Matching individual interests with innovation and enabling technologies
  • Proven processes and methods for taking charge of your career
  • Thought-provoking methods to find a right role for you in a vibrant business
  • Emerging skills that enable success and sustained relevance
  • Technology advancements and tools that enable growth
  • Research that supports the need to “pivot” as an individual
  • Building skills and knowledge to match our industry’s future
  • Overcoming setbacks or challenges and continuously moving forward

About Next-Gen Academy’s Mission

This program will inspire positive change and intelligent understanding to help our industry—including integrators, consultants, and manufacturers of AV, communications, life safety, and electronic security solutions—be well positioned to maintain and grow their relevance through proactive talent management.

To learn more, or to nominate someone for NSCA’s Next-Gen Academy, email Director of Operations Teresa Solorio at

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