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December 12, 2023

Branch AV Brings Software Platforms Together to Unify and Streamline Business


For its ability to unify business and create a seamless experience across software platforms, Branch AV was named a 2023 Excellence in Business award winner in the Business Performance category.

Using data to make decisions is a good thing—but working with siloed, standalone data provides only a glance at one area of your business.

Every integrator struggles to wrangle data from multiple sources: marketing automation tools, project management platforms, inventory management software, accounting applications, etc. As new types of software and applications hit the market, it doesn’t take long for integrators to quickly develop large tech stacks in attempt to manage their people, projects, assets, communications, operations, and finances. Once these tech stacks get out of control, it can be difficult to manage, use, and extract value from the data they hold.

Bringing these data siloes together so that all information lives in one place is the only way to get a realistic look at the big picture of your business. It helps you make sure you’re using all the data you have to make the best business moves possible.

That’s exactly what Branch AV did when it decided to create a more unified approach to how it conducts business. By taking advantage of cloud-based software and software integration, the company now experiences seamless interaction among its software platforms to create more efficiency and reduce the opportunity for human error.

For example, Branch AV implemented a cloud-based dashboard tool that allows each department—from accounting to sales—to view its unique objectives and progress toward achieving them.

Its cloud ERP system comprehensively captures costs and manages resources in real time so that everyone knows where and how project resources are being allocated. The system also allows for feedback from the implementation side of the business to make sure resources align with budgets.

To improve customer service, the company rolled out a ticketing system for service that allows time and issues to be captured onsite. This information allows the team to make better, more informed decisions for quoting service agreements, share knowledge about past onsite issues, and provide lessons on what to avoid in the future. Customers can also submit a ticket, view the ticketing process, and check the status of the ticket in real time.

Now the company has better data visibility, streamlined processes, and a way to bring data from disparate sources together to maximize its value.

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