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April 22, 2024

Subcontractors: Exempt from Insurance Requirements?

Bob from Wisconsin asks: “One of my install subcontractors says he’s exempt from needing insurance. Can that be right?”

NSCA responds: This is a growing concern. Lots of NSCA members report that their subcontractors now indicate that they’re exempt from needing workers’ compensation.

This may be true if the subcontractor owns his own business and is doing the work himself. Depending on which state you’re working in, you can have either proof of workers’ comp or a certificate of waiver; however, general liability insurance coverage is still needed by the subcontractor. You should make sure their policy is valid before work begins (request to see a certificate of insurance, even if it’s a small company).

In this short video, find out why your subcontractors should have general liability insurance in all cases, why they may be exempt from needing workers’ compensation, and where you can go to find out for sure.

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