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April 19, 2024

NSCA State Advocacy Leadership Program Launched

State Advocacy

Here at NSCA, we’ve been talking about new grassroots efforts to get members involved with government affairs at the state level.

At our recent Business & Leadership Conference in February 2015, we talked to many of our members about this program and highlighted how government affairs works here at NSCA.

We now have 11 new State Advocate Leaders from 10 states across the country! We’re happy to welcome: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Your colleagues in these states will be joining us in an effort to keep you informed about what your state legislature is doing. They will help raise awareness on important legislation, and get involved with hearings that may benefit from industry representation.

If you want to help us get your state engaged, please email me. I would also love to hear about the legislative issues that concern you the most.

We’re all in this together. Remember: Legislators are not experts on our industry, so it’s up to us to educate them. They work for us, so let’s make some noise!

Also make sure you’re following our government affairs updates on Twitter: @NSCAOutreach.  –Rachel Rayman, Industry Outreach

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