These systems integration professionals and industry experts - all volunteers - helped NSCA develop educational content for the 2018 Business & Leadership Conference. They will also facilitate and conduct peer reviews of the event's industry-specific workshops. These industry leaders will help welcome the first-time Business & Leadership Conference attendees and Randy Vaughan Award winners, as well as provide guidance and direction to help each attendee get the most out of his or her Business & Leadership Conference experience.



Ray Bailey, Lone Star Communications

Ray Bailey, president and CEO of Lone Star Communications, is obsessed with making the customer experience exceptional. He has been involved in taking this message to other companies though serving on NSCA’s board of directors.

Mike Boettcher, Advance AV

Mike Boettcher, CEO of Advanced AV, is responsible for the vision, direction, and overall performance of the company. Boettcher has been with Advanced AV since 2000, when he took on the role of sales rep for the company and gained an inside look at the professional AV integration industry. He later moved to a more hands-on role in the service division, and developed that department into a profit center. Boettcher was named president of Advanced AV in July 2009.

Dale Bottcher, AVI-SPL

Dale Bottcher has helped AV and IT technology managers realize their visions in all types of applications and environments – from largescale training centers to flexible huddle rooms. He currently leads AVI-SPL’s sales strategy with enterprise accounts and public-sector clients.

Brad Caron, SIGNET

Brad Caron has 30 years of experience in the systems integration industry. He has overseen SIGNET’s growth from $1.8 million to more than $30 million in annual revenue. He identifies future strategies, ways to recognize existing and recruit new talent, and ideas for leveraging the experience and expertise of SIGNET’s vice presidential team.

Paul Cronin, Cronin Corp

Paul Cronin, facilitator of excellence for Cronin Corp., has been on the leading edge of IT services for three decades. He helps technology companies grow by creating new business opportunities, building unshakeable relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers. His proven ability to build cultures that embrace change and deliver the ultimate client experience, internally and externally, has been the pinnacle of his success. In 2001, Paul joined Atrion as a principal partner, where he created maxtime™ managed services, which grew to $27 million in 2016. Prior to Atrion, Cronin was vice president of Dimension Data North America, where more than $180 million of the company’s $500 million in revenue was from the delivery of services Paul led. He is an NSCA Member Advisory Councilmember.

Christina De Bono, ClearTech

Christina De Bono is president of ClearTech, which was established in 1983. With 23 years of experience in the commercial AV, Christina has worked with several clients, including Sempra Energy, JPL/NASA, Southern California Gas Co., Pepperdine University, Caltech, and USC. After her leadership team attended the Business & Leadership Conference a few years ago, ClearTech was inspired by the “pivot to profit” theme, which communicated the importance of managed services. As a result, ClearTech formally launched its first managed services program. Since then, services have grown from less than 5% of ClearTech’s total revenue to a projected 15% of 2017 revenue. Christina is an NSCA board member.

Brad Dempsey, Solutions360

Brad Dempsey, CEO of Solutions360, has 33+ years of international project and financial management experience in the technology industry. Brad began his career as a technology consultant in 1979 at TRW Data Systems, followed with positions at Prime Computer Ltd., Apollo Computer Ltd., and Sequent Computer Systems (Canada) Ltd. In 1988, he founded Solutions360 Inc. Solutions360 is an NSCA Business Accelerator.

Dave Ferlino, Whitlock

Dave Ferlino is a systems integration manager at Whitlock. He makes sure that Whitlock employees are focused on focus on building relationships and long-term partnerships with their clients. Dave serves as treasurer of the NSCA board of directors. He helps craft and communicate company vision, mission, and core value statements to all employees, improving organizational clarity and goals.

Michael Hester, Beacon Communications

Michael Hester served as the NSCA president from 2014 to 2016, and was also founder of Beacon Communications. His first job in the pro AV industry was from 1966 to 1969, and involved working the soundboard, traveling with and experiencing characters like Keith Moon, John Entwistle, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, Joplin, Neil Young, and Stephen Still.

Bob Lobascio, Corporate Sales Coaches

Bob Lobascio has been VP of sales for Fortune 500 companies and most recently VP of sales for the AV integrator that earned SCN Top Integrator in the Middle Atlantic States in 2013. He holds certifications in technology, as well as in sales training and sales management development. He has industry experience in publishing and content management, enterprise software, retail management, and AV and technology services. Bob works with Corporate Sales Coaches to develop custom training programs based on real-world system contractor sales and organizational needs. He is an NSCA Member Advisory Councilmember.

Brad Malone, Navigate Management Consulting

Brad Malone, partner at Navigate Management Consulting, is widely known for his expertise in project and process management and organizational excellence consulting. He has managed multiple large integration projects and directed process improvements as both an executive and a consultant across a wide range of companies and industries (over 50 in the AV integration sector). An accomplished author and speaker, Brad is the architect and presenter of standards-setting management training programs and has trained more than 25,000 participants. Navigate Management Consulting is an NSCA Member Advisory Councilmember.

Kelly McCarthy, Genesis Integration

Kelly McCarthy created Genesis Integration in 1990, and has been the company leader since that time. Prior to starting Genesis, completed numerous high-profile projects. At its inception, Kelly worked in all aspects of the business from sales to technical to accounting, which provided the basis for the leadership required to grow the business into the national systems integration leader it is today. He currently serves as NSCA president.

Nick Points, CharTec

Nick Points is the epitome of a real “go-getter.” He was recruited by CharTec CEO Alex Rogers, and shortly transformed into CharTec’s sales director, redefining the notion of sales leadership. His sales education methodology has helped shape a CharTec account management and sales team of impressive magnitudes. He specializes in preparing, coaching, and educating sales professionals across the globe. CharTec is an NSCA Member Advisory Councilmember.

Anne Sellers, Sensory Technologies

Anne Sellers is Managing Principal of Sensory Technologies LLC, an Indianapolis-based technology company with 130 employees. She grew up in Lebanon, Indiana and graduated from DePauw University in 1983 with a BA in economics. While her professional experience includes accounting positions with several firms including Ernst and Young’s tax staff, her interest has been in the entrepreneurial arena as she has created and managed several companies, served on several industry boards, and given time to charitable organizations focusing on patterns of success and failure with each organization. Anne has been married to Andy Sellers for over 25 years. They have two grown daughters. Anne is an NSCA board member.

Josh Shanahan, Sport View Technologies

Josh Shanahan is the president and CEO at Sport View Technologies. As an accomplished executive leader with broad experience in IT services, low-voltage technology and electronic systems integration, Josh has built sustainable, recurring revenue streams that produce consistent cash flows and positive annual returns for shareholders. Josh serves as vice president of the NSCA board of directors.

Rob Simopoulos, Launch Security

Rob Simopoulos is a co-founder of Launch Security, focused on providing layered cyber security programs to small and midsize organization. Rob began his career in Toronto, Ontario as a founder of Sonitrol of South Central Ontario, a security provider to organizations nationally. After the sale of his first business, he and his family moved to the United States and settled in Maine. Rob has been in the Security industry for over 21 years, helping organizations large and small improve their security posture. Rob has received various accolades including Top 20 under 40 by Security System News and Top 40 under 40 by Commercial Integrator Magazine. Rob currently serves as an NSCA board member.

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