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Sparking Interest in Commercial Electronics Systems Careers


NSCA’s IGNITE iStock_000093275161_Fullis a program supported largely by its members who together work to attract, engage and encourage students to join the commercial electronics systems industry—because technology is cool.
IGNITE works to generate interest in security, life safety, telephone/ voice, IT/networking and audio video/lighting, by connecting local high school and college students with manufacturers, dealers and integrators like you to spark imagination and encourage students to consider new career paths in our industry.
Together we have a powerful and influential voice to attract, retain and grow qualified new talent in our industry—the next generation of technicians, managers, sales leaders and innovators to our profession.


It’s All About Recruiting Momentum

It takes the wCaptureork of many to move the needle. The more visible and engaged we are in our local educational communities, the more momentum IGNITE will create. Together, as an industry, we can make a difference in the lives of young people by building awareness of the commercial electronics systems industry. Through NSCA’s efforts to provide and build awareness of available scholarships, certifications, internships, mentorships and training programs, we provide an on-ramp to a broad range of job and career opportunities.
Joining the IGNITE movement as a member means that you’ll be supporting the growth of the awareness of the commercial electronics systems industry, helping to attract tomorrow’s talent for the next generation of trained and committed industry professionals.


Leadership. Participation. Awareness.

IGNITE is committed to the promotion of opportunities to attract the next generation to the commercial electronics systems industry and fill the funnel with qualified candidates.
To support the invaluable grassroots contributions in the field from our members, NSCA has implemented a robust, highly targeted, integrated marketing and visibility campaign for the IGNITE program to include publicity, advertising, conferences, email marketing, social media, web retargeting, and the distribution of support materials to faculty, guidance counselors and administrators.
Through the outreach of members like you, the message of IGNITE is brought to people who can act on our campaign’s objectives.
IGNITE is poised to create positive awareness of the industry by providing integrators and manufacturers with a marketing arsenal to put in front of young students to attract new talent candidates for the industry.

Marketing material is available to Educators, Students and NSCA Members:

Ask yourself what you can do as a member to help IGNITE the spark for an interest in technology. Contact an NSCA IGNITE volunteer specialist today at (319) 861-8632 or email info@nsca.org.



Contact Me About IGNITE


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