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Our mission is simple: to connect technology manufacturers, distributors, and integrators with career seekers, as well as high school and college students through their educators and advisors.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: Our industry can only thrive with a steady supply of motivated, talented professionals. And the only way to attract the best and brightest is by joining together to communicate the vast – and growing – opportunities available in our industry.

Educators, see how you can inspire students. And industry members: Here’s how to get involved.

Get the information and guidance you need to nurture careers in our growing industry.

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Alert students to the opportunities that await.

Students look to you not just for education, but also guidance. Leverage your knowledge and credibility to speed them along one of the 21st century’s best career paths. Here’s how:

  • Encourage students to pursue careers in the commercial electronics systems industry. We’ll be your partner in the endeavor by providing you with resources and advice.
  • Collaborate with local NSCA members to expose students to the industry. Help develop and spread the word about internships, mentorships, and other hands-on career learning experiences.
  • Help interested students plan their academic programs. This is a great way to help them learn about and focus their career interests.
  • Inform students about scholarship opportunities. Learn more through the NSCA Education Foundation.

Resources for educators:

  • Communication materials. An educators brochure, FAQs document, and Ignite poster can be downloaded here.

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Access and cultivate the talent you need.

Collectively, you have a powerful and influential voice to attract, retain, and grow qualified new talent. Here’s how to use it:

  • Be an advocate and ambassador for your state/region. Leverage your knowledge and connections to spread the word about opportunities in the commercial electronics systems industry.
  • Support local/regional industry job fairs. By attending and sponsoring events, you’ll build connections with students, educators, and career seekers.
  • Contact and visit educational organizations. Be a guest speaker or industry representative and share your knowledge.
  • Provide mentorship and internships. Hands-on learning can be a life-changing experience for interested students, and can help you fill your new talent pipeline.
  • Sponsor or donate. Marketable support from industry partners allows Ignite to reach more students more successfully.

Resources for employers:

  • The NSCA Technical Assessment Tool. Integrators can use this simple, effective, pay-per-assessment tool to evaluate the proficiency of potential hires or internal candidates. Purchase an assessment, or learn more about this tool by watching this informative webinar.
  • C-SIP (Certificate as a Systems Integration Professional). This program is for integrators to leverage for training/onboarding new hires in four key areas of the business: marketing, operations, project management, and sales. Learn more.
  • Communication materials. An employer brochure, FAQs document, and Ignite poster can be downloaded here.

Get the information and guidance you need to nurture careers in our growing industry.

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