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Opportunities for integrators are growing like crazy. The AV industry, for example, reached $114 billion in size in 2016. The communications technology industry grew to $350 billion in 2016. The only thing holding these industries back: a shortage of skilled communication technology professionals.

Ignite is your on-ramp to opportunities to design, install, integrate, service, create, sell, market, and distribute communications technology solutions for organizations of all kinds.

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They design, install and service AV solutions - from command centers to stadium displays.


Technology Manufacturers

You'll find opportunities at communications giants as well as industry startups.



These businesses sell and distribute the latest communications technology gear.

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Are the technology sector and systems integration industry right for me?

Salaries are great.
So are the benefits.

Great performers can advance quickly. At whatever level you enter the industry, opportunities abound to grow in your career.

Worried you’re not qualified?

You can be a high school grad or an experienced pro. All you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to advance.

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Are you starting with just a high school diploma?

The easiest point of entry is to become an AV Technician, then branch out into design engineering, project management, sales and more.

Expore our job seeker resources.


Are you a college graduate or non-AV industry professional?

You may be able to enter the AV sector at a Project Manager, Design Engineer or Sales level.

View our job board. For additional options, see our job seeker resources.

What AV Pros say about Ignite

"I see Ignite as a way of doing something proactive rather than complaining about a shortage of talent in our industry. It's so energizing to visit with students who are exploring their career choices."

"The Ignite program is really starting to gain traction. I'm very excited to see ambassadors come on board and outreach to STEM programs and technical schools."

"Finding talent to help us grow this industry is mandatory."

"I'm a big fan of growing our own talent through the Ignite program and internships. I'm thrilled to be one of the Ignite ambassadors, able to spread the word about this industry."

"Ignite definitely has legs; we are met with wide-open arms when we make school visits and explain how great this industry can be for job-seekers looking to make an impact in a high-demand workplace."

"The young people we've met since the inception of Ignite are very excited about the opportunities. Hardly any of them had any idea this industry existed. We look to make a big difference in filling the void that exists today by creating awareness."

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