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The Daunting Task of Quantifying Cyber Security Insurance

Free Webinar: Tuesday, November 20, 2018
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenter: Brandon Besong, TrueNorth

This presentation will cover the current state of cybersecurity as we close out 2018. Learn about the various types of cyber attacks that are prevalent today, how to recognize them, and how to proactively mitigate risk so you can keep those attacks at bay. You’ll also learn what the consequences are of now being prepared when a cyber attack threatens your organization.

Brandon Besong specializes in cyber risk management across all industries. His versatility in this specific niche allows him to help his team members provide better guidance on how to manage cybersecurity. His unique and creative mindset helps customers proactively reconstruct their cyber platforms to build an internal culture around cyber, reduce gaps in coverage, and provide long-term value.


Outcome-Based Selling vs. Solution Selling

Free Webinar: Tuesday, December 18, 2018
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenter: Bob Lobascio, Corporate Sales Coaches

Does your sales process need a strategy that works? During this webinar, you’ll learn about the actions and steps that other industry leaders have implemented for outcomes-based selling.

After attending, you’ll be able to explain and understand:

  • The changing role of your customer (the buyer)
  • The difference between solutions- and outcome-based selling
  • Steps your sales team must take to address buyer changes
  • What’s required from your team in order to restore “trusted advisor status”

Bob Lobascio, partner at Corporate Sales Coaches, has been VP of sales for Fortune 500 companies, early-stage venture-backed companies, and for the AV integrator that earned SCN’s Top Integrator in the Middle Atlantic States in 2013.

He holds certifications in technology, sales training, and sales management development. His experience includes more than a decade of AV and technology services and sales, as well as enterprise software and publishing/content management.

Corporate Sales Coaches develops custom training programs based on real-world sales and organizational needs of systems integrators. CSC helps create reinforcement processes that ensure long-lasting growth and drive ROI on training investment.

Beyond sales, Bob also has a deep understanding of the correlation between effective leadership training and bottom-line results. He has guided organizations through meteoric growth, mergers and acquisitions, and market turbulence.


How to Use the Financial Analysis of the Industry

Free Webinar: Tuesday, December 4, 2018
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenter: Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive Director

We asked systems integrators across the country to participate in our Cost of Doing Business survey. Now we’re ready to share the results in our latest Financial Analysis of the Industry report, and what they mean for you.

There were a few surprising findings in this report, including:

  • Project backlog (unfinished work and sales orders that haven’t been fulfilled) has more than doubled in terms of dollars since the 2015 survey, from a median of $2 million to a median of $4.8 million.
  • The percentage of revenue from recurring sales has been dropping since 2010, reaching a historical low point of 10.83%. The report also indicates, however, that most profitable and top-quartile companies consistently rely on recurring sales.
  • “Video display/AV presentation and control” leads other options by a notable margin in terms of the system/technology that accounts for the largest share of total revenue in the last fiscal year.

Discover how to use the report to compare your company’s financial information with other integrators that run the same type of business you do. After the webinar is over, you’ll be able to identify areas in which you excel above industry averages, and areas where you’ve allowed expenses to increase well beyond the norm.

Download your copy of the report so you can follow along!


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