We are NSCA: Rob Simopoulos, Advance Technology

March 3, 2016

March3-SimopoulosTo help better explain what NSCA is, what we do, and what our members do, our board of directors took the time to document the significance of NSCA in the industry and to their own integration firms. Through a series of blog posts, we’ll reveal what they had to say. These statements were captured during a 2015 strategic planning session as we examined the industry and contemplated NSCA’s role as the voice, business resource, and trusted advisor for the channel and the systems integrator.

Next to share his expertise is NSCA Board Member Rob Simopoulos, who is also president at Advance Technology.

Every number of years, the integration business experiences massive change. I believe we are here yet again. IT convergence, eroding margins, and talent-recruitment struggles are just a few of the challenges we are all currently facing. It is a changing time for the systems integrator, and we need a strong partner to help us navigate. 

I’m excited about being a part of NSCA and helping integrators adapt for the future. The future integrator needs to embrace IT convergence and learn how to become IT-centric. With eroding equipment margins, integrators need to learn unique strategies to survive, including how to build a business around RMR.

Talent recruitment is currently at the toughest point I have ever seen, and I feel that it will continue to get worse. There are a limited number of talented and experienced people available to hire. Early career people often aren’t aware that the integration business even exists, never mind the fact that it’s a great career path. Today’s integrators need to learn ways to attract existing talent along with identifying where they can find students, veterans, and new industry people to their businesses.  

NSCA is a trusted partner that will help integration organizations navigate through this change and assist them in developing successful business plans that will carry them through the future and allow them to continue to have successful businesses. They have resources that can help with talent recruitment, IT convergence, fixing eroding margins, and building RMR.  –Rob Simopoulos, NSCA Board Member, 2015 – Present

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