Executive Committee

Ray Bailey President Lone Star Communications, Inc.
Dan Schmidtendorff Vice President Communication Company
Dale Bottcher Secretary AVI-SPL
Christina DeBono Treasurer ClearTech Media
Mike Boettcher Immediate Past President NSCA
Tom LeBlanc Executive Director NSCA
Chuck Wilson CEO NSCA
  • To provide a focal point for evaluation of the effectiveness, performance, and practices of the executive director and other staff.
Purpose Statement & Vision
  • Deals directly with the executive director contract and issues that may need to be dealt with between full board meetings. The focus of the committee will be related to staff and organizational issues.
  • The Executive Committee is comprised of the board members who have been elected by the board of directors in accordance with the bylaws of the association to serve as president, immediate past president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The executive director serves as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • The Executive Committee may act in place and instead of the board of directors between board meetings on matters except those specifically reserved for the board by the bylaws, pursuant to delegation of authority to such committee by the board of directors. Actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the board for ratification by mail or at the next board meeting. An Executive Committee meeting may be carried out by teleconference to meet special requirements, needs, or emergencies of the association. Such meeting may be called at the discretion of the president or, in his absence, the vice president.
  • The Executive Committee shall annually review, negotiate, and arrange the compensation program for the executive director of the association. Such compensation program is subject to the approval of the board of directors. When approved, the Executive Committee shall arrange and have executed a management contract for the executive director together with a job description outlining duties, activities, and responsibilities for the position. Because the executive director is accountable to the Executive Committee through the president, the president shall be the primary spokesperson and communicator on behalf of the association.

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