Codes and Compliance Committee

Dan Schmidtendorff Chair/Board Liaison Communication Company
Chuck Wilson Executive director/CEO, interim chair and staff liaison NSCA
Ron Tellas NFPA 70 National Electrical Code on code-making panel #3 Belden
Brent Berger NAICS, SOC, and other classifications Bridges AV
Chuck Fairchild UL 1069, NFPA 99, IoT, PoE Fairchild Communications
Neil Lakomiak Code conflicts and compliance, standards Underwriters Laboratory
Scott Lord NFPA 730/731, NFPA 3000, NFPA 72, NEC code representative PASS
Sean Daly Licensing and code compliance Diversified
Lauren Mastro Contract law, license, permits, and compliance AVI-SPL
Alana Smith Legal, BAAs and IP transfer, contracts HB Communications
Ron Willis Specifications and code conflicts Shen, Milsom & Wilke
Eric Jones M/F Divisions 27 and 28, standards, code conflicts SWC
Jason Loar NICET, codes, accreditation All Systems
Jason Potterf Technical Leader Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • To provide a focal point for awareness and action on key legislative and regulatory issues for our industry.
Purpose Statement & Vision
  • The primary purpose will be centered on a heightened awareness of critical issues that the NSCA board will need to be informed about, which will shape our legislative agenda. This group will focus on issues related to licensure, codes, standards, policy, compliance, permits, industry classifications, regulations, contract law, safety, and best practices in managing software licenses, obligations of agreements, etc.
  • Build membership awareness of this exciting new resource and illustrate how unique and highly valued this is.
  • Work alongside the Emerging Technologies Council to make sure our industry is well-positioned to perform the scope of work desired without restriction.
  • The Codes and Compliance Committee is comprised of 10 industry volunteers who have a specific area of expertise in each of the key areas identified: legal experts, code experts, standards and compliance experts, etc. The executive director serves as an interim chair until the first meeting, where more structures and roles for members are determined.
Duties, Responsibilities, & Desired Outcomes
  • Write quarterly blogs/white papers/articles for Integrate on topics related to codes, standards, licensure, and policy.
  • Lead regular webinars discussing key topics deemed most urgent for our members.
  • Send email action alerts based on new laws, code changes, code conflict issues, or other areas of concern for members.
  • Provide committee reports to the NSCA board on items that require the budget to be adjusted to deal with a particular situation or opportunity.
  • Provide recommendations of action (pursuant to the delegation of authority) to such committee or council that has been empowered by the board of directors on matters of best interest for the membership.
  • Develop model legislation on the key areas of focus.
  • Conduct periodic policy reviews and submit recommendations on any edits, changes, or modifications to the NSCA board for approval.
  • Act in accordance with current NSCA legislative priorities and position statements and within the best interest of the members and on behalf of the association.

Member Access