Customer Focused Sales Interviews to Sell Managed Services: Free for NSCA Members

The Corporate Sales Coaches program offers training at no additional cost to NSCA members, as well as an opportunity to earn certification in Customer Focused Sales Interviews to Sell Managed Services Training.

It’s an all-too-common scenario, says Corporate Sales Coaches partner Bob Lobascio. Integration companies know they need to incorporate an “as-a-service” solutions model, but they’re so accustomed to project-based selling that the shift becomes a business obstacle.

Customers sometimes lack the upfront capital needed for project-based purchases, but they still need technology solutions and support. An as-a-service model offering high-value solutions and support via recurring monthly payments is logical for many customers.

How to Sell As-a-Service

Corporate Sales Coaches’ Customer Focused Sales Interviews to Sell Managed Services Training is available to NSCA member integration firms at no additional cost.

“Too often, integration firms have approached monthly payment selling as an after-the-fact, Hail Mary attempt to resurrect the deal,” Lobascio says. “It often comes when the integration company gets pushback from the customer and the customer was never made aware of the potential for monthly payments. That’s not the right approach. It should be about setting the stage and leading with the outcomes-based benefits of an as-a-service program.”

The self-paced online training program runs through the ideal process an integration company sales professional needs to know to make the transition from project-based to as-a-service selling. Upon successful completion of the course, participants earn certification that demonstrates their readiness to sell in-demand, as-a-service solutions.

Outcomes-Based Selling

Instead of selling technology packages, Corporate Sales Coaches’ Customer Focused Sales Interviews to Sell Managed Services Training teaches outcomes-based selling. Participants learn how ask probing questions to discover the core of prospects’ business needs, goals, and priorities. The program teaches key aspects of as-a-service sales:

  • When/how to introduce managed services in the sales process
  • How to assess prospects’ needs for managed services
  • How to frame the value and impact of managed services to the prospect
  • How to correlate business outcomes and user experience to managed services
  • How to incorporate managed services in technology-as-a-service programs

NSCA members can undergo the self-paced training, completing checkpoint quizzes. Upon scoring 85% on the quizzes the participant is awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment for the module. Then they can revisit and reference the exclusive training materials for up to 12 months.

Corporate Sales Coaches has referenced its Customer-Focused Selling system and leading resources to cultivate this integration industry targeted program, and specifically leveraged the F.I.N.D. (Facts, Important Issues, Needs, and Dream) discovery system for conducting a customer-focused interview. This industry-specific module allows salespeople to utilize different questioning techniques to determine a prospect’s dominant buying motives and their compelling reason to buy – and includes specific questions to address managed services and to explore AV or security as-a-service.

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