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Ignite excites, inspires and educates students about the AV industry. We share a vision for our initiative, and have a shared stake in our industry’s success. We will create and promote programs to drive student traffic and professional involvement. We promote educational opportunities to attract the next generation to the AV industry. Click here to learn more about the Ignite program.

Randy Vaughan Leadership Award
The NSCA Education Foundation provides the Randy Vaughan Leadership Award to first-time attendees of NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference. Randy Vaughan was integral in the creation of this event as well as NSCA University.

Hester Scholarship Program

The Hester Scholarship Program was introduced in February 2016, by Michael and Kiffie Hester. The mission of the Hester Scholarship Program is to attract and recruit veterans to the communications, security, life safety, entertainment technologies and electronic systems industry.

This scholarship was established specifically for veterans who are just entering the workforce and would like to be trained to enter the electronic systems industry in one of its many chosen career paths.

The Foundation also partners with the Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA) to offer scholarships to students interested in a career as an electronic systems technician. Through entry-level education and certification, ESPA’s Scholarship Program provides future electronic systems technicians (ESTs) with an opportunity to establish the right career path to help them take control of their professional lives. ESPA currently offers a scholarship to cover the costs of the ESPA Certified-EST® Pre-Test Assessment and exam.

Industry Education Awards
In line with fulfilling our mission of supporting systems integrator professionals to enhance their industry education, we offer Industry Education Awards to help off-set the cost of training and education courses for the existing professional.  We offer these goals to help expand the knowledge of professionals on new business and training opportunities. To continue your systems integrations education contact Katie Chism at 800.446.6722.

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