Why Attend:

  • * Increase the percentage of your business that focuses on recurring revenue and as-a-service offerings
  • * Understand how cybersecurity, the cloud, Internet of Things, and new policies and guidelines will affect what you do
  • * Learn about new solutions and different ways to sell solutions in your portfolio
  • * Keep your business relevant and valuable to your clients
  • * Align sales and marketing for recurring-revenue opportunities and business growth
  • * Determine how prepared you are to change with the industry’s new subscription-driven models
  • * Exclusive industry research on as-a-service and recurring-revenue models

Who Should Attend:

Owners, CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CFOs
Directors, Vice Presidents, and Managers of:
  • * Operations
  • * Finance
  • * Service and Technical Teams
  • * Sales
  • * Marketing

What the Industry Says:


Kyle Habben – Electronic Contracting Company

“Pivot to Profit gave members of our senior leadership team the chance to look at ways to shift our business, think about how we approach customers differently, connect with other leaders, and learn about resources that will grow our business.”

Jim Bozarth – Alliant Integrators

“Pivot to Profit is different than any event I have ever been to. The focus on monthly revenue and new technology trends will continue to force us outside of ‘our norm’ for the business.”

Chuck Fairchild – Fairchild Communication Systems

“Multiple members from our leadership team have attended P2P. It has served us well on company alignment towards our BHAG of 50% of annual revenue from managed services/RMR. We look forward to the 2019 P2P event to keep the momentum going.”

Dawna Payne – Texadia Systems

“Each time I go to Pivot to Profit, I gain valuable information that has been beneficial on the financial and ownership side.”

Ethan Miller – Advanced AV

“Pivot to Profit gave our company a plan to change our business to a recurring revenue model.”

Patt Bowles – Lone Star Communications

“Pivot to Profit opened our eyes to other areas of business, revenue, and ways to manage financials.”

Randy Johnson – Sound Solutions

“Pivot to Profit was simply good for my business. I heard Chris Peterson in the past, and he is well worth attending the 2019 Pivot to Profit for. The other sessions will be a bonus– I can’t wait to learn more from him.”

Joe Perez – ClearTech

“Pivot to Profit allowed our team to see better ways to do what we’re currently doing and helped our company implement a managed services department.”

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