Monday, October 22, 2018


Shotgun Start

Ignite Golf Outing

Join NSCA to raise money and awareness for its Ignite program,
an initiative to attract, engage, and encourage students
and young professionals to join the systems integration industry.

Location: Canongate 1 Golf Club, 924 Shaw Rd, Sharpsburg, GA 30277



Bike-A-Thon: Build-A-Bike Team-Building Event

Join NSCA and fellow industry folks in this event sponsored by alliantgroup!
As part of Pivot to Profit 2018, we're bringing integrators and manufacturers together
to do something good for the community while we network!
Each team will be provided with the parts and tools
to build brand new bikes for kids in Atlanta.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7:30am -


Registration Opens/Breakfast Networking Session
Exclusive research and presentation on trends, growth projections and managed service offerings!

8:30am -


Opening General Session by Governor Tom Ridge, alliantgroup Chairman of Cybersecurity and Technology; Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Former Governor of Pennsylvania

Manage Cyber Risk Before it Manages You

We have entered the “digital forevermore.” Internet of Things (IoT), voice-recognition systems, virtual reality, and many other technologies are changing the way we work and live. At least 20 billion IoT devices will be deployed by 2020 – and they all represent potential points of vulnerability. Privacy and security are being challenged on a global level as lawmakers struggle to enact legislation to protect Americans while maintaining our freedoms.

This strategic and thought-provoking session brings Governor Ridge’s ideas to light regarding how our businesses and clients can protect themselves while still implementing the technologies needed to compete on a global level.

Learn to play offense vs. defense when it comes to data breaches. You’ll learn how to do as much as possible to equip and defend yourself against this new style of warfare.

Track 1

Track 2

9:45am -


Merging Digital and Physical Workplaces

Presented by Kent Reyling, Director, Workplace Strategies at Kimball


The third Industrial Revolution (“Digital,” 2000-2030) is creating a major disruption that is greatly impacting the businesses and built environments we work with. So far, business decisions have been driven primarily by economics – but the future shows an integrated, inclusive strategy driven by HR, IT, and facilities. Procurement channels are being rapidly disrupted, and as-a-service models are taking over. To support this, your success depends on earning business and becoming a trusted advisor. If you’re not reducing business costs and risks, as well as increasing revenue, you aren’t adding value. Find out how and why digital and physical workplaces are merging, and how this impacts your next move.

Pivot Past the Definition of Insanity: Immediate RMR Creation

Presented by Lee Rozeboom, Vice President, Strategic Relationships; GreatAmerica’s Unified Communications and IT Group


Are you doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results? Everyone is trying to figure out how to add RMR to their business models, what services to add, what new technologies to sell, and whether they need new/more staff. The truth is, however, that most integrators already have an easy way to create RMR immediately. If you’re stuck doing things the same way you always have, you may not see it. Break those habits and find an easy way to start adding RMR immediately while building a bridge to more RMR in the future.

11:00am -


Lunch/Networking/Toolkit Talks

2:00pm -


Integrator Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Business and Customers

Presented by Rob Simopoulos, Cofounder, Defendify


Systems integrators and their customers are prime targets for cyberattacks. (Almost 50% of cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses, and 68% of small businesses have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months.) Cybersecurity can seem complicated at first, but we’ll cover exactly what you need to know about potential threats and protecting your business and customers. Learn about today’s hacker strategies, common cybersecurity mistakes, oversights that can cause vulnerabilities, and lessons learned from relevant cyber incidents.

Technology Solutions for K-12 and Higher Education

Presented by Jim Crumbley, Owner, Risk Response Team and PASS K-12 Steering Committee Member; Christopher Hugman, PE, CEO/Founder of System Surveyor; Jon Hamilton, Audio Visual Manager at Emory University School of Medicine


Education facilities are trying to be proactive when it comes to the challenges of providing new ways for students and teachers to connect, using interactive and collaborative education platforms, and ensuring security. This session discusses how technology can address these challenges and provide protection to meet today’s demands for school safety and security. You’ll also learn about the guidelines that are affecting school decision-makers, and how AV is pushing change forward in the modern classroom. We’ll also cover the latest trends and resources available to help your organization guide and direct the schools you support.

3:30pm -


Smart Buildings and Their Stress on Technical Infrastructure

Presented by Elizabeth Stephan, RCDD, CTS, Director of Channel, Belden


Trends like Internet of Things, cloud and IP convergence are combining with technologies like Power over Ethernet and wireless to create a new LAN designed to support smart buildings. Instead of connecting people, we’re now connecting devices. Instead of supporting fixed connections, we’re supporting more and more wireless connections. And we’re shifting from supporting locally powered devices to remotely powered devices instead. All of these shifts change the way the industry approaches network infrastructure. To achieve all that a smart building can offer, it needs to first be built upon a strong foundation. During this session, you’ll learn how converged technology and applications deployed properly on your infrastructure help maximize building efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase safety, and enhance occupant productivity.

What’s Moving to the Cloud Next (and How to Make Money When It Does)

Presented by Christian Morin, Lead Strategist for Cloud Services, Genetec


Many companies are still hesitant to move products and services to the cloud, even though this new business model can provide increased profitability and sustainability. If done correctly, managed services can prove to be a key differentiator and allow you to create a new level of service and improve ease of use for your clients. This session discusses the latest trends in hosted solutions, how to incorporate profitable solutions into your business model, and ways to develop cost-of-ownership calculators for properly targeted customers.

4:30pm -



Wednesday, October 24, 2018

7:00am -


Breakfast Networking Session

8:00am -


Opening General Session by Rob Simopoulos, Cofounder, Defendify; Chris Peterson, Cofounder & President, Vector Firm; and Shedan J. Maghzi, Avidex Corporate Strategic Advisor

How Managed Services Change Your Marketing and Client Communications

Not only does delivering managed services to your clients change your sales and operations, but it also changes your marketing and client communications direction. Managed services engage your customers for the long-term, and your communications need to represent how your organization can serve as a true partner to your clients. This session shares examples of what has and hasn’t worked for others, discusses how your message supports conversations with current and prospective clients, and offers ways you can encourage your clients to consider you to create their future technology roadmap – not just for a one-time project purchase.

Track 1

Track 2

9:15am -


Healthcare Solutions of Tomorrow: Prepare Today for Rapid Change

Presented by Peter O’Connor, RCDD, EMT; Vice President, Hoefer Wysocki Architecture Firm


What do leading healthcare facilities envision for the future – and what technology trends will get them there? Developments such as using Amazon’s Alexa to create intelligent records, utilizing technology for predictive analytics, and deploying machine learning are just a sampling of new and future trends. During this session, we’ll show you a hospital of the future, and walk you through the design process and how it’s evolving to meet the new demands of healthcare facilities. You’ll be able to visualize how your organization can plan an integral role in the design and deployment of important healthcare technologies and interoperability that enhance the staff/patient experience.

Addressing IoT Risks

Presented by Sid Bose; Intellectual Property, Data Security, and Privacy Attorney; Ice Miller LLP


The number of Internet-connected products is rapidly increasing. Companies and organizations are incorporating smart technologies that measure, monitor, and manage everything from building occupancy to health and behavior. This surge has also led to the proliferation of new privacy and security issues. Manufacturers, installers, and integrators must ensure that their products and services incorporate protections that are reasonable and technically feasible – otherwise, they can be held liable for the security shortcomings of IoT devices. We’ll help you get ready to address the technical and legal issues of working with the Internet of Things (IoT).

10:15am -


Lunch/Networking/Toolkit Talks

1:00pm -


Closing General Session by Chris Peterson, Cofounder and President, Vector Firm

Building a Managed Services Sales Machine

With hardware and software sales increasingly being commoditized, the motivation for building managed services into your business has never been greater. Listen to industry experts discuss best practices for creating a managed services program. What are the important steps in building true recurring monthly revenue? What is the value to your business and your customers? Join this session and hear about the decisions companies need to closely consider – the ones that could mean the difference between success and failure in adding managed services to your business.

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