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Monday, September 23, 2019



Shotgun Start

Ignite Golf Outing

Join NSCA to raise money and awareness for its Ignite program,
an initiative to attract, engage, and encourage students
and young professionals to join the systems integration industry.

Location: Cowboys Golf Club, 1600 Fairway Dr., Grapevine, TX 76051



6:00pm - 8:30pm

Sponsored by:

Ozobot Charity Team-Building Event

Click here for details

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

7:30am -


Registration Opens/Breakfast/Networking

8:30am -


Opening General Session:

Balancing Innovation with Unprecedented Regulations

Regulatory Introduction by Chuck Wilson, NSCA
Innovation Presentation by Jason Potterf, Cisco


Even major tech firms share in our industry’s struggle to define the most impactful technologies – and when it will be time to pay attention to their impact. Many emerging innovations, such as 5G, IP-enabled building automation, PoE lighting and other IoT applications could either disrupt your current business – or enable more opportunity. It’s all in how you look at it. As adoption accelerates, practical matters and challenges come to the forefront: standards, privacy concerns, untested user interfaces, public safety, cyber concerns, and elevation of risk. While it might be too early to write a business plan around emerging technology, it’s never too early to start paying serious attention to these industry-shaping developments.

Track 1

Track 2

9:45am -


Beginning-to-End Continuity (Moving Upstream in the Architectural Design Process)

Presenter: Peter O’Connor, Director of Technology Design at Hoefer Wysocki


Starting with the building design all the way through the operations of the end user, technology solutions providers play an important role. We have seen a major shift with architects, engineers and consultants in the development of very specific client-focused technology plans that include interoperability and functional requirements. This model supports the involvement of the integrator/managed services provider at the very early stages, which creates a massive differentiator yet comes with a change in mindset and approach different than the traditional design/bid/build process. This session will educate you on the overall architectural design process, how to move up-stream in that process, and how to position your company to be proactive vs. reactive to a bid process.

A World of Connected Devices … and the Threats This Presents

Presenter: Rob Simopoulos, Defendify


On a daily basis, systems integrators experience cyber breaches (or identify the potential for an attack to occur). When it comes to the data you store and the systems you manage for them, clients place a high degree of trust in you as a technology solutions provider. The network-connected devices being deployed today can increase vulnerability; embedded technology often has inherent flaws. Learn to strengthen your defenses from every angle and develop risk-mitigation strategies with resources such as cyber insurance.

11:00am -



12:00pm -


Toolkit Talks

The Two Stages of RMR Creation

These concurrent sessions are led by NSCA members and experienced systems integration professionals. The results of research conducted in Summer 2019 will be presented in both sessions, illustrating the impact of developing a true RMR model and the scopes and formats that work best.

Track 1

Track 2

2:00pm -


The Early Stages of a Managed Services Business

Presenter: Patrick Britton, NSCA Subject Matter Expert


Learn how to shift from project-centric thinking to service-centric thinking – and adapt your sales strategies and compensation plans accordingly. You’ll discover which system types best align with your marketplace and expertise, how to overcome the belief that your clients don’t want managed services offerings, learn about the rewards of cloud services and agent agreements, and better understand the absolute value that comes as a result of managed services – from improved customer experiences to evidence-based cost savings.

The Mature Stages of a Managed Services Business

Presenter: Don Mastro, AVI Systems


If you’re already offering managed services, this session will help you take them to the next level. Discover advanced client retention strategies and annual pricing modifiers, as well as how to add attached services, bundled solutions, and remote services – increasing your offerings every year. You’ll also learn how you can increase your value to your customers through predictive analytics and virtual client touchpoints.
NOTE: This advanced class is for companies already utilizing this business model.

3:30pm -


How to Navigate the As a Service Evolution and Create Customers for Life

Presenters: Ian Pugh, GreatAmerica; Bob Lobascio, Corporate Sales Coaches


New customer-driven consumption models are forcing integrators to reconsider sales approaches and methods that have always worked in the past. This evolution requires new ways of thinking and doing. In this session, we’ll go over the practical steps you need to take to integrate new consumption models into your processes so you can offer customers what they want. You’ll also learn about the mindset shifts that needs to occur in order for you and your team to “win” at selling RMR. Lastly, we’ll walk through real-world examples of how RMR will benefit your organization – and ultimately benefit end-users. Create customers for life by helping them maintain a perpetual technology budget.

Doing More with Today’s Technologies

Presenter: Adam Marlin, Vaion


This session takes an in-depth look at what’s possible with the technology we can access today. What happens when technology interprets surveillance and network data on buying habits, traffic flow, behavior patterns, and employee workflow and movements? How can technology providers embrace these solutions? What is the role we play? Can integrators incorporate machines and technology into their offerings that think and crunch data like humans?

4:30pm -



Wednesday, September 25, 2019

7:00am -


Breakfast Networking Session

8:00am -


Opening General Session:

Apps and Services that Differentiate Your Company

Moderator: Brad Dempsey, Solutions360
Panelists: JB Fowler, Domotz, Kelly Harlin, NEC Display Solutions & Kenny Schiff, CareSight


Game-changers, mind-blowing innovations, killer applications, and business automation tools that drive successful managed services companies: This general session links the things you’ve seen in the Innovation Hall to the strategies and purposes behind the innovations. Companies that have used and designed these resources will share the value of remote monitoring solutions, managed services automation tools, design software, predictive analytics, and much more. Discover how to pick the right innovation partners, what type of investment it requires, and how resources like these can help you increase profits.

Track 1

Track 2

9:15am -


Innovation from the End-User’s Perspective

Presenter:  Joshua Smith, Owner of Consulting LLC, District Technology Director of Hudson Independent School District


What happens when your best client hires a chief innovation officer to focus on company technology investments? Will your first conversation be similar to your first sales call with the IT department? End-user adoption and mindsets are now embedded into new business models – end-users know much more than they used to. Creating a business case has replaced the old product pitch. Gain insight into the tools and approaches you need to be successful, including technology lifecycle planning, investment strategies, audits, and checklists. Advanced technology, collaboration resources, and making each solution you provide a sound investment are a must.

Risk-Mitigation Strategies

Moderator: Chuck Wilson, NSCA
Panelists: Scott Lord, Electronic Contracting Company/PASS & Brent Berger, Bridges Systems Integration


Embarking on a journey to embrace innovation doesn’t come without risk. In this session, we’ll cover potential code conflict, compliance issues, applicable standards, and contracts. Walk away with a set of best practices to follow when licensing technology to end-users and preventing backdoor liability and legal battles over suspension of services. We’ll teach you how to develop and manage an outsourced services team to avoid issues, as well as how to navigate binding contracts, define a clear scope of services, and conduct internal code reviews and compliance audits.

10:15am -


Toolkit Talks

12:00pm -



1:00pm -


Closing General Session:

Insights from the Emerging Technologies Council

Moderator: Tim Hennen, IVCi LLC
Panelists: Harry Aller, Innovative Lighting, Dan Dunkel, PSA,  David Fitzgerald, Barco and Michael Petracca, BlueJeans Network
(NSCA Emerging Technologies Council Members)


You won’t want to miss this session, as we package up everything you’ve learned in these two days and explain next steps for elevating your business, improving your profit margins, and coming out on top. We’ll also share insight on how the game-changing innovations and technologies you learned about at Pivot to Profit can help you fight back against off-the-shelf commodity solutions.


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