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6:00pm - 8:00pm

Team Building Event: Closing the Gap from Classroom to Industry

Join NSCA in helping to get kids excited about technology! Spend a couple hours at this year's team building event on Monday, Sept. 20, from 6pm to 8pm, sponsored by alliantgroup. As part of Pivot to Profit 2021, we are asking NSCA members to join us with the youth from Atlanta's YMCA, to help give them a better understanding of technology. Help us educate the next generation with STEM related after school adventures. To participate, contact Emma Oldenburg at or call 319-861-8638.

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Time (EST)
Opening General Session

The Leadership Challenge: Driving Business Transformation

John H. Daniels, CNM, FACHE, FHIMSS, CPHIMS Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer BICSI
Matt Barnette, CEO at PSA

We’ve seen many instances of integration companies struggling to make the switch to a subscription or services model. It’s not as easy as so many articles, webinars and, yes, business conference presentations make it seem. The concept of creating “services as a profit center” or becoming a managed services provider seems unrealistic to project-centric companies that generate revenue from new construction projects. So “beyond the warranty period” is where many NSCA members end client relationships, leaving money on the table and handing over potential clients to the competition. With project gross profits hovering around 30% and services gross profits close to 60%, what can integrators do differently? And who can lead this change in your company? NSCA welcomes two industry thought leaders to help provide answers. Matt Barnette, CEO at PSA Security Network and USAV, will dive into successful recurring monthly revenue and business model transformation strategies that PSA has seen among security and life safety integrators. Meanwhile, John Daniels, CEO at BICSI, will challenge the NSCA community to keep raising our bar by embracing emerging technologies and doing so in compliance with IT regulations. This might be your first in-person business conference session in well over a year – and it will be well worth the wait.

Breakout 1

New Opportunities with Today’s Technologies: Growth Strategies for Integrators

Moderator: Tim Hennen,  NSCA Emerging Technologies Committee Chair

Harry Aller, CTO at Innovative Lighting
J.B. Fowler, Chief Product Officer at Domotz
Maureen Pajerski, CCO at Intellisee
Jerry Siefkes, Head of Channel Sales at Ascom

If we position ourselves properly, our industry is poised for explosive growth. This session takes an in-depth look at what’s possible with the technology you can access today. We’ll start with “why” and end with “because” as we explore the biggest opportunities and most relevant and important solutions that benefit your clients.

Find out how you can embrace solutions that solve clients’ most difficult problems, uncover the new role of an integrator, how to successfully incorporate advanced technology into current offerings, and what you’ll need in your toolkit in the coming years to stay relevant.

Breakout 2

Financial Leadership in a Changing World: A Post-COVID-19 Financial Reset

Moderator: Chuck Wilson, NSCA CEO

Joel Harris, Strategy and Business Consultant with Navigate Management Consulting
Jeff Bronswick, Managing Partner of
Bronswick Benjamin P.C.

Cash is still king—and that’s about the only thing that hasn’t changed for integrators amid COVID-19. This session provides insight—regardless of financial expertise—to help you understand the impact of predictable monthly income and how to properly recognize that revenue. The pros and cons of the most common compensation plans will be discussed, along with incentives that drive departmental behavior. A new set of datapoints and financial metrics will also be introduced to benchmark your business using key economic and industry-specific numbers.

11:00am – 1:45pm
Toolkit Talks and Networking Lunch
Breakout 3

Big Projects, Good Paper

Moderator: Chuck Wilson, NSCA CEO

Siddharth Bose, Attorney at Ice Miller
Lauren Mastro, Attorney and Vice President, Legal at AVI-SPL

Beyond contracts, systems integrators face new challenges and opportunities in this rapidly changing world of innovation. Many emerging innovations, such as 5G, IP-enabled building automation, PoE lighting, and other IoT applications, could either disrupt your business or enable more opportunity. This session prepares you for what lies ahead.

Do you understand all your project provisions? Are you using “good paper” for your service agreements and project engagements? Does your company conduct large project reviews prior to quoting and signing contracts? Have you seen increased ownership guarantee demands?

Get an overview of the current regulatory environment and gain insight from expert panelists on a variety of topics: the use of subcontractors, joint employer status, prevailing wage, conflicting codes and standards, antitrust measures, privacy concerns, untested user interfaces, public safety, cybersecurity, increased insurance provisions, and elevation of risk.

Breakout 4

Technology Lifecycle Management Using the Client Journey

Moderator: Don Mastro, Vice President of Sales at AVI Systems

Tyler Ebnet, VP of Sales at CEC (Communications Engineering Company)
Alan Rosenkoff, Director at CTSI
Lee Rozeboom, Vice President and Managing Direct of Sales at Connected Technology Group

It’s true: When following a technology refresh model, you can experience margin improvement and increased “stickiness” using managed services. Developing a predictable, reliable, and profitable managed services business requires a steadfast business strategy developed around clients’ preferred methods of technology consumption and their desire to stay ahead of the curve. This session walks you through various as-a-service models, revealing an alignment strategy for clients’ technology journeys. We’ll cover sales and presentation techniques, client interactions, and various subscription-based financial models. Discover advanced client retention strategies and annual pricing modifiers, and find out how to add attached services, bundled solutions, and remote services to increase your offerings every year.

Breakout 5

Networked Solutions that Differentiate & Drive Revenue

Moderator: Rob Simopoulos, Co-founder at Defendify

Chris Gazdic, Global Director AVaaS Product Executive, WESCO | Anixter
Michael Peveler, Vice President Sales at
Frank West, Vice President Systems Americas at QSC
Andrew Pelletier, CTS, CSPM Vice President of Operations at SIGNET

Integrators are encountering new business model variances without a playbook to guide them through these changes.

New platforms and value drivers are coming at you quickly, often driven by clients. This creates opportunity—as well as confusion and sales challenges.

This session connects toolkit talks to the strategies and purposes behind the innovations. Companies that use and design these resources share the value of remote monitoring solutions, managed services automation tools, design software, predictive analytics, and much more.

Discover how to pick the right innovation partners and match them to your subscription offerings and technical competencies. You’ll also learn how to increase your value to customers through adaptable, predictive analytics and virtual client touchpoints.

This session gives you an early look at what your next competitor might look like or, better yet, what your company could become. Business model alignment through the addition of new value drivers can be added to your core technology offering, meeting GP requirements and driving you toward becoming a (profitable) managed services company.

Breakout 6

Life Safety in a World of Mission-Critical Connectivity

Moderator: Kevin Wren, A3 Communications

Daniel Rodriguez, Chief Technology Officer (HAVRION) at UDT
Jim Crumbley, President and CEO of Risk Response Team, Inc.

New codes, such as Alyssa’s Law and many others, are changing the landscape of K-12 and higher-ed facilities. The convergence of AV and security integration in control and command centers, and even at the classroom level with digital signage and emergency communications solutions connected via mobile devices, has created tons of new opportunity for integrators. Control and command centers are the perfect intersection of AV and life safety. Hybrid/high-flex environments are a perfect fit for NSCA members to support. This session breaks down leading vertical markets to explore how you can improve your relevance by serving as a mission-critical communications solutions provider for the intelligent workplace.


Evening Networking Event and Dinner

Moderator: Tom LeBlanc, NSCA Executive Director

Dan Schmidtendorff, President & CEO of Communication Company of South Bend Inc.
Kyle Habben, President and CEO of Electronic Contracting Company
Ray Bailey, President at Lone Star Communications, Inc.


It’s been a while since we’ve all been together! Weather permitting, this reception and dinner will be outside. Along the lines of our previous Beer & Bull sessions, we’ll have a panel discussion moderated by NSCA’s Tom LeBlanc featuring NSCA’s Board of Directors, who will share their journeys through the past year. We’ll have candid discussions and Q&As that take on the challenges faced in 2021: cashflow, supply chain issues, talent/labor availability, client expectations, remote workforces, etc.

A  dinner will follow, allowing people to network and socialize.


Time (EST)

General Session: Becoming Relevant to the Digital-First Buyer

Presenters: Dale Bottcher, EVP at AVI-SPL

As you learned at the 2021 Business & Leadership Conference, you have a new type of client—and a new type of buyer. They’re digital natives, often unresponsive to a relationship-style of business. Legacy sales methods are failing—and reaching them seems impossible. E-sales, direct sales from vendors, and ever-changing contracting methods seem to have everyone on edge. Attempts to build relationships have failed. Why? What can you do differently to become a trusted advisor for digital-first clients? Find out here.

Breakout 7

Winning the Battle for Voice Solutions

 Moderator: Sandi Stambaugh, SYNNEX, Vice President of Product Management

David Danto, Director of UC Strategy and Research for Poly
Michael Cibelli, VP - VAR Channel, NA at 8x8
T.J. Trojan, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Technology Solutions U.S.

Have end-user technology adoption rates become fully embedded into your new business models? End-users know much more than they used to, yet, in many cases, they still have 20-year-old voice solutions. Gain insight into the tools and approaches you need in order to be successful, including technology lifecycle planning, investment strategies, audits, and checklists. Advanced technology, collaboration resources, and making each solution a sound investment are musts. Consider all points of view, including those from end-user perspectives. You’ll discover which systems best align with your marketplace and expertise, how to overcome the belief that your clients don’t want managed services offerings, learn about the rewards of cloud services and agent agreements, and better understand the absolute value that comes from managed services—from improved customer experiences to evidence-based cost savings.

Breakout 8

Generating Your Own Top 8 List of Action Items for Business-Model Optimization

Moderator: Tom LeBlanc, NSCA Executive Director

Brad Malone, Partner at Navigate Management Consulting
Kyle Habben, President and CEO of Electronic Contracting Company
Brandon Brookins, Senior Director of Sales at Primex, Inc.
Saundra Merollo, Senior Sales Engineer of Sharp Information and Imaging Company of America
Candice Aragon, Vice President of Marketing and Events at PSA
Steve Wingo, Technical Application Engineer at Sennheiser
Chris Turner, Services Account Executive at New Era Technology
Lionel Felix, CEO of Felix Media Solutions

2021 has proven that creating a managed services program creates stickiness with clients and improves cashflow. Without question, those who built RMR strategies early on fared well throughout this unprecedented time of uncertainty. In this interactive session, you will develop a list of five solutions to drive new revenue opportunities, determine one great new pivot in your sales and marketing strategies, write down one new way to improve processes, and craft one new business rule to implement to make your company more successful. It can be as simple as finding a new vertical market to serve or as complex as starting over with a new approach to RMR. Head home with eight new ways to make a huge difference.

10:30am – 1:15pm
Toolkit Talks and Networking Lunch
Closing Session

Expert Insights: We Are Mission Critical!

Moderator: Tom LeBlanc, NSCA Executive Director

Chuck Fairchild, RCDD, CTS D/I, President of Fairchild Communication Systems, NSCA's Codes & Compliance Committee
Steven Potts, Owner of Primary Systems, Inc.
Michael Boettcher, President, GVC division – US

You won’t want to miss this highly interactive session as we package up everything you’ve learned and explain next steps to elevate your business, improve your chances of success, and come out on top. Everything you’ve learned at Pivot to Profit will be summarized and bundled to help you fight back against eroding margins, win more business, and increase profits. This session will undoubtedly shape your thinking to demonstrate that you are indeed a mission-critical communications solutions provider for today’s intelligent buildings—and tell you where to go from here.

Optimizing every area of your business!

“Pivot to Profit gave members of our senior leadership team the chance to look at ways to shift our business, think about how we approach customers differently, connect with other leaders, and learn about resources that will grow our business.”

Kyle Habben, President, Electronic Contracting Company

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