DAY 1 - TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2020...

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Opening General Session

The Leadership Challenge During the Most Unpredictable Time Ever

Presenter: Mike Staver, Author of Leadership Isn’t for Cowards
We've been on a rollercoaster ride! Our industry is faced with trying to predict the future in the middle of a whirlwind. We face key questions on how to staff to effectively meet client expectations; how to deliver advanced services in uncertain times; and how and where to find revenue to finish this year strong and go into 2021 stronger. This session offers valuable tips for integration company leaders.
Breakout 1

Finding New Opportunities with Today’s Technologies

Moderator: Tim Hennen, CTO at IVCi & NSCA Emerging Technologies Committee Chair
Panel: Harry Aller, CTO at Innovative Lighting;
Chris Leonard, Global Lead for Ametek;
Ed Jankowski, President at Liberty AV Solutions
This session takes an in-depth look at what’s possible with the technology we can access today. What happens when technology interprets surveillance and network data on buying habits, traffic flow, behavior patterns, and employee workflow and movement? How can technology providers embrace these solutions? Can integrators incorporate machines and technology that think and crunch data like humans into their offerings? This session taps into technology like AI, VR, machine learning, and predictability tools, identifying the roles that integrators can play in each of these situations.
Breakout 2

Cash is King! CFO Perspectives on Understanding Liquidity and Cash Flow in Managed Services

Moderator: Brad Dempsey, CEO at Solutions360 Inc.
Eric Morris, CFO at Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers;
Chris Mounts, CFO at AVI Systems;
Dave Taccone, Executive Vice President of Finance at Spinitar
This session will provide insight for all integrators - regardless of financial expertise - to help you understand the impact of predictable monthly income and how to recognize that revenue properly. The pros and cons of the most common compensation plans will be discussed, along with incentives that drive departmental behavior.
Breakout 3

Preservation of Culture and Team

Josh Shanahan, President at SVT;
Mike Boettcher, CEO at New Era Technology
This session tackles digital transformation before, during, and after this massive disruption. We have been through total health and economic chaos. While a new normal may not have fully presented itself yet, technology has changed how we live work and socialize. The way we work has changed, perhaps forever. New collaboration tools have emerged; new behaviors have surfaced; new work habits and methods of connecting with our clients and partners now exist. The systems integration channel, more than any other sector of technology, has gained relevance and increased value through what is best described as mission critical. Learn how these developments should fuel culture and team.
Breakout 4

Technology Lifecycle Management Using the Managed Services Model

Lee Rozeboom, Vice President & Managing Director of Sales for GreatAmerica Financial Services;
Bob Lobascio, Partner of Corporate Sales Coaches
Developing a predictable, reliable, and profitable managed services business requires a steadfast business strategy developed around clients’ preferred methods of technology consumption and their desire to stay ahead of the obsolescence curve. This session is the three-legged-stool approach: finance, sales, and the technology roadmap. We will cover presentation techniques, client interaction, and various subscription-based financial models. Discover advanced client retention strategies and annual pricing modifiers, as well as how to add services, bundled solutions, and remote services to increase your offerings every year.
Breakout 5

Apps and Solutions that Differentiate and Drive Revenue

Moderator: Dale Bottcher, EVP at AVI-SPL
Presenter: Dan Dunkel, Managing Director at PSA Security;
Mehryn Corrigan, Director of Strategic Alliances and Marketing at Sharp Business USA;
J.B. Fowler, Chief Product Officer at Domotz, Inc.
Mind-blowing innovations and killer applications proven to drive successful (profitable) managed services companies: This session links new and exciting technologies to your integration business. During this session, we'll also connect the Virtual Innovation Hall toolkit talks to the strategies and purposes behind those innovations. Companies that have used and designed these resources will share the value of remote monitoring solutions, managed services automation tools, design software, predictive analytics, and much more. Discover how to pick the right innovation partners and match those to your subscription offerings and technical competencies. You will also learn how to increase value to your customers through predictive analytics and virtual client touchpoints.
Breakout 6

A World of Connected Devices … And the Threats It Presents

Rob Simopoulos, Co-Founder of Defendify;
Siddharth Bose, Attorney at Ice Miller
On a daily basis, systems integrators experience cyber breaches (or identify the potential for an attack to occur). When it comes to the data you store and the systems you manage for clients, they place a high degree of trust in you as a technology solutions provider. The network-connected devices being deployed today can increase vulnerability; embedded technology often has inherent flaws. Learn to strengthen your defenses from every angle and develop risk-mitigation strategies with resources such as cyber insurance. Compliance, IP protection, contract language, and legal issues will also be discussed.

Beer & Bull: Future of Streaming

Moderators: Gary Kayye, rAVe Founder;
Mike Abernathy, NSCA Director of Business Resources
Panel: Joe Perez, Chief Technology Officer for ClearTech
Chris Wissinger, Global Strategic Product Marketing Manager for Roland Corporation U.S.
If you’re familiar with NSCA’s “Beer & Bull” discussions at past Business & Leadership Conferences or our Beer & Bull podcast, you know it’s a format for having a substantive conversation while keeping it loose. This lively session about the future of streaming services and the impact on your integration business is the perfect cap to a day full of important Pivot to Profit discussions. How will streaming evolve in the education, house of worship and corporate markets? What trends will impact cloud-based streaming? How can integrators create a business plan and solution for addressing their customers’ evolving streaming needs? This Beer & Bull presentation marries two integration industry passions – enthusiasm for new technologies and business opportunities.


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General Session

2020 Legislative and Regulatory Challenges with Emerging Technology

Regulatory Introduction and Moderator: Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive Director
Panel: Joseph Lee, Senior Manager, State and Local Government Affairs, for Cisco;
Ron Tellas, Technology and Applications Manager at Belden;
John H. Daniels, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer at BICSI
The low-voltage industry, including your company, is being targeted by business-crushing legislation. The Connected Technologies Industry Consortium, comprised of 15+ global trade organizations and industry leaders, will present the challenges and opportunities for integrators in the rapidly changing world of innovation. Many states are pushing laws that will limit your ability to legally do work you’re likely qualified to do. Emerging innovations, such as 5G, IP-enabled building automation, PoE lighting, and other IoT applications, could either disrupt your current business or enable more opportunity. Challenges coming to the forefront include standards, privacy concerns, untested user interfaces, public safety, cyber concerns, and risk elevation. This session will help you understand what’s at stake for your business and what actions you can take.
Breakout 7

Customer Experience Linked to Innovation and Advanced Service Models

Presenters: Peter O'Connor, Principal, Director of Technology Design, at Hoefer Wysocki;
Hannah Mey, Associate Vice President of Clinical Technology Solutions at Hoefer Wysocki
What happens when your best client hires a chief innovation officer to focus on company technology investments? End-user adoption and mindsets are now embedded into new business models; and end-users become much more knowledgeable. Creating a business case has replaced the old product pitch. Gain insight into the tools and approaches you need to be successful, including technology lifecycle planning, investment strategies, audits, and checklists. Advanced technology, collaboration resources, and making each solution you provide a sound investment for your client are a must. We'll consider all points of view … including those of an end-user. You’ll discover which systems best align with your marketplace and expertise, learn how to overcome the belief that your clients don’t want managed services offerings, uncover the rewards of cloud services and agent agreements, and better understand the absolute value that comes as a result of managed services – from improved customer experiences to evidence-based cost savings.
Breakout 8

Generating Your Own Top 10 List of Priorities for Surviving and Thriving

Moderator/Presenter: Tom LeBlanc, Director of Industry Outreach and Media Channels at NSCA
Presenters: Bruce Kaufmann, President & CEO at Human Circuit;
Laurie MacKeigan, President at Backman Vidcom
Certainly, 2020 has proven that creating a managed services program creates stickiness with clients and improves cashflow. In this session, you will develop your very own list of 10 items to drive new revenue streams, make a pivot in sales or marketing strategies, improve processes, and/or implement new business rules to make your company more successful. It can be as simple as finding a new vertical market to serve or recognizing that your business can function without as much costly office space - or as complex as starting over with an all-new approach to RMR or introducing spacing and health technology strategies to help your customers adapt. Even when we get back to “normal,” our business is forever changed. This session helps integrators convert that notion to reality. Integration firm leaders who are ready to make the leap from “surviving” to “thriving” should add this session to their calendars.
Closing Session

Planning for the Future: Insights from the Emerging Technologies Council

Moderator: Sandi Stambaugh, VP, Product Management of Synnex Corporation
Panel: Mark Peterson, Principal of Shen, Milsom and Wilke LLC;
Kelly Harlin, Analytics Platform Strategist of NEC Display Solutions;
Dennis Burns, Director, Public Safety of Advanced RF Technologies, Inc.
Corporate, healthcare, higher ed, and government markets have all been impacted by COVID-19 in different ways. This session will tie everything together and provide expert opinions on the direction our industry will head as we face the future of technology and the realities of the workplace. You won't want to miss this session as we package up everything you have learned and explain next steps for elevating your business, improving your profit margins, and coming out on top. We will also share insight on how the game-changing innovations and technologies you learned about at Pivot to Profit Virtual can help you shift gears and find creative ways to rebuild or recover from the most disruptive year we've ever seen.

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