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Revenue-Boosting P2P Series Webinars

This webinar series is available until December 31, 2021.

Presenters: Tom LeBlanc, NSCA, and 18 Integration Industry Thought-Leaders

Revenue and cashflow are always extremely important topics for integrators – but perhaps even more so as the industry battles through market recovery in 2021.

The topics presented at this past fall’s NSCA Pivot to Profit conference were focused on accelerating change to reboot your business. One trap that we all fall into is – getting motivated by a business conference session and then allowing the enthusiasm to fizzle when we get back to our day-to-day jobs. We end up not taking next steps and ultimately not implementing the strategies that our organizations may need.

NSCA’s P2P Series content aims to keep those conversations alive and keep the motivation high. We’re also trying something new: These three webinars are on-demand, so you can watch them when it’s convenient for you:

Rebuilding Revenue & Improving Cashflow

Working smart is critical as companies battle through 2021. It’s so important for integration companies to pay close attention to profitability, cashflow, and revenue. In this P2P Series Webinar, industry thought-leaders walk you through important steps you can take to improve revenue and cashflow. Featured companies include:


Recurring Revenue Opportunities for Integrators

Improving service-based revenue is a staple topic at Pivot to Profit sessions and this past P2P was no different. NSCA’s latest 2021 Financial Analysis of the Industry shows that the needle is moving somewhat and those companies with more recurring revenue are often in stronger recovery positions. This P2P Series Webinar offers concrete recurring revenue tips. Featured companies include:


Revenue Opportunities: Adapting to Clients’ New Needs

One of the keys to recovery is recognizing how customers’ priorities have changed. They might not be investing in the same things as pre-COVID-19, but the good news for integrators is that research shows that companies and organizations are prioritizing investments in communication and security. The value of an integrator has changed but perhaps it has never been higher. This P2P Series Webinar digs into ways integrators should consider pivoting their offerings to solve customers’ new challenges. Featured companies include:


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