NSCA Education Foundation Testimonials

What manufacturers are saying:

“It is essential to ensure tomorrow’s audio professionals receive the technical training necessary to adapt and succeed in our industry.”

Stephen Koehler, President and CEO of Shure Incorporated.

“The programs that the NSCA Education Foundation support are in line with the belief Rauland has in the importance and value of continuing education.”

Norm Kidder, President of Rauland Borg

What contractors are saying:

“The Foundation provides a vital service for cultivating the next generation of installers, technicians, engineers, and business owners for our industry. In terms of our industry’s growth and the elevation of its next generation leadership, the NSCA Education Foundation is one of the most worthwhile causes we have ever had the pleasure of being associated with.”

Ron Pusey, CEO of Communications Specialists of VA

“The NSCA Education Foundation is one of the most important organizations for helping to train more A/V personnel for our industry.”

John Zoftel, CEO of AVI-SPL

What students are saying:

“There are very few women in this field. I was extremely grateful for this scholarship so I could finally pursue my dream of going to school for audio engineering.”

Heather Boyce, scholarship winner

“The electronic systems industry (plays) such a major role in the future of technology.”

Stephen Jacobs, scholarship winner

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