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“Goodbye Feedback” brochure for Uniplex and Unidyne microphones, 1939

In 1925, the Shure Radio Company was founded by S.N. Shure and demonstrated from the very beginning Mr. Shure’s mission to be innovative and ahead of the times. Shure Radio Company sold radio parts kits before factory-built radio sets were even marketed! When the Great Depression hit the United States, Mr. Shure was again challenged to adapt and stay relevant so the renamed Shure Brothers Company became the exclusive distributor for a small microphone manufacturer. Eventually, Shure began to develop their own microphones and the designs proved they would once again be at the forefront of the industry. During WWII, Shure became a supplier for the US Armed Forces, which was the origin of the company’s legendary quality standards. To this day, all Shure products are manufactured in accordance with MILSPEC standards of quality.
For a Complete History of Shure’s Developments and Patents Please Visit: http://www.shure.com/americas/about-shure/history



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T17 assembly line, Chicago, 1943

T17 assembly line, Chicago, 1943

Recently, Stephen Kohler, Senior Director, Marketing – Americas, and Mike Lohman, Associate Director, Content and Digital Marketing, took the time to discuss the long standing relationship between Shure and the Education Foundation. Shure’s well known dedication to education is above reproach and is reflected in everything they do internally and externally. Not only is Shure always keeping their employees educated about the industry and the company, but they always take the time to make sure their customers are fully knowledgeable as well. Shure takes great pride in its involvement with the NSCA Education Foundation on initiatives that will further the industry and ensure that the young minds coming up have the resources they need to succeed.






When it comes to innovation, Shure (beginning with Shure Radio Company) has been an industry leader for almost 90 years. Since the introduction of its first microphone in 1932, the Model 33N, and the subsequent developments of the Model 55 Unidyne Microphone, “the most recognized microphone in the world,” the legendary SM57 and SM58, and so many other industry-standard products, Shure has never stopped looking forward. This commitment to innovation continues today as evidenced by the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of wireless and networked products. Shure has developed ways to transmit and record sound for decades, and they have done it with class. Their employees, customers, and colleagues all recognize the products and ideals that have risen from this one man operation. It is with great pride that the NSCA Education Foundation announces Shure as its first Partner Spotlight of 2015!

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IEEE and Shure Representatives Standing: (Left to Right): IEEE reps Howard E. Michel, Ed Barrett, Karen S. Pedersen, Robert C. Parro, Norman Phoenix, Mohamad Berri, John Zulaski, Vickie Peters, George Thomas, Sharon Phillips Seated: (Left to Right): Shure reps Rose L. Shure, Sandy LaMantia, Michael Pettersen

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