Managed Services: Sales & Management Virtual Training

If you’re a growing an innovative integration company, then you have a salesperson problem.

That’s not to say that your sales professionals aren’t incredibly capable and rock-star contributors -- but the fact remains that you have a salesperson problem. Here’s why:

Selling Service: Most growing and innovative integration companies are focused on selling service – managed service, as-a-service, service contracts. This requires different strategies and approaches than those that are likely embedded in your sales staff. This is a problem if you truly want and need to grow recurring revenue and the service side of your business.

Talent Deficit: NSCA’s most recent State of the Industry research has integrators reporting that recruiting and hiring talent are big impediments to growth – and the most challenging position to fill is sales. If you can find move-in-ready sales professionals to come in and sell services, good for you. But you’re the exception. Most integrators can’t, and that’s a problem. The solution is training your existing sales staff to successfully sell service.

NSCA Member Advisory Council sales training provider Corporate Sales Coaches aims to help NSCA member integration companies get over the hump and successfully sell service.

Managed Services: Sales & Management Virtual Training”  is an AV-dedicated sales process training program that offers workshops and reinforcement in a virtual setting for a true learning experience.

Invest in Your Sales Team and See Results

“We really saw the impact after members of our sales team went through a managed services focused Corporate Sales Coaches training program. They now view the sales process and our ability to solve customers’ challenges through a new lens. They’ve grown as sales professionals – and we’ve seen our service revenue grow as a result.”Laurie MacKeigan, President, Backman Vidcom

‘How To’ Managed Services Sales Training for All Levels

This training program is both virtual and instructional. It’s a “how to” model that arms sales professionals with actionable plans. Different Learning Tracks provide content uniquely tailored for people in different positions and with varying levels of experience in the AV industry:

Track 1 -- Foundational AV Sales Skills/Customer Focused Selling - “FASST CFS”

Walk away with … Solid structure and process for prospecting, securing meetings, identifying projects, systems to identify and document business needs, and essential information for your Scope of Work process and to allow your team to develop winning designs.

Track 2 -- Catalyst AV Sales Skills/Customer Focused Sales - “CASST CFS”

Walk away with … AV industry learning to allow them to take their sales performance to the highest levels in the Industry, reach their potential, and deliver consistent revenue and gross profit. The system will enable step-by-step framework for mutually profitable relationships—rather than low margin projects/customers.

Track 3 -- Strategic/ Enterprise Account Planning and Management Skills/Customer Focused Selling

Walk away with … comprehensive industry learning to allow them to assess and determine best candidates for major account relationships, and action plans to penetrate these accounts in order to develop strategic account relationships that are not susceptible to competitive threats and or commoditization.

Sales Management Track

Walk away with … executive-level sales leaders will be armed with AV specific sales management and coaching learning in order to lead, and to drive optimal performance from your sales staff. The VP/Sales Manager will be equipped to lead in the face of our rapidly changing market and to apply effective Situational Leadership.

Customer-Focused Service & Support

Walk away with … AV specific skills and learning to more effectively communicate with those who expect professional services to keep their AV investments operating reliably. The skills will enable Service and Operations Departments to operation more cohesively as a team.



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