Manage Mergers & Acquisitions with Capital Value Advisors

By doing a lot of things differently from a traditional investment bank, Capital Value Advisors (CVA) ensures that you maximize ROI in terms of time, energy, money, and perseverance. The CVA team understands what it takes to build a successful company and provides you with the absolute best representation possible – whether you’re selling your company, raising capital for future growth. or simply building value for the future.

Unlike most investment banks, CVA works with clients for years prior to a capital event, building deep relationships based on shared objectives and aligned interests.

What has Capital Value Advisors done for NSCA members?

  • Represented them through mergers and acquisitions, ensuring personal and financial success
  • Provided accurate valuations through the eyes of an investor for the purposes of exit planning, strategic planning, estate planning, and buy/sell engagements
  • Helped them build value for the future – whatever it may hold
“Working with CVA made the entire process better for everyone involved. Their teamwork, expertise, and ability to quickly address every challenge gave all of us the confidence and motivation to stay on track and on time. We were all able to maneuver this complex process as a result of the communication bridge that CVA provided.”
-Mike Hester, Beacon Communications

“Not only is CVA a tremendously knowledgeable, experienced, and sensational business counselor and advisor, but they are also wonderfully decent and genuine people who really care about their clients. Never did we feel unsure or confused about anything. The staff were always thoughtful, thorough, and made sure we were completely informed and understood every detail before we made any decision or picked any direction. By the end of the process, not only were we more than satisfied with the deal they were able to put together, but we were also blessed to have made new and true friends with the folks at CVA. The entire experience was a blessing and we are so thankful we had CVA to represent us through it.
-Ron Pusey, CSI


What can Capital Value Advisors do for your business?

  1. Help you prepare years in advance of a sale to create substantial value when it’s time to sell
  2. Locate capital partners that can creatively address business challenges and bring more than money to the table
  3. Identify acquisition candidates, manage negotiations, perform due diligence, and conduct integration planning

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Capital Value Advisors


Mike Abernathy

*Please note: Capital Value Advisors is a valued NSCA Member Advisory Councilmember. A representative may contact you periodically via phone or email to determine whether these services would be beneficial to your organization.*

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