Simplify Cybersecurity with Defendify

Breaches at smaller organizations are increasing rapidly, and their impact can be devastating. Until now, cybersecurity has been complicated and expensive. Defendify helps small business superheroes navigate the cybersecurity landscape with cybersecurity that is simple, affordable, flexible, and scalable.

Defendify’s all-in-one cybersecurity platform brings together a variety of complementary features, products, and services, delivering multiple key layers of cybersecurity:

  • Foundation of policies, procedures, and plans
  • Culture of employee awareness and institutional knowledge
  • Technology that goes beyond traditional antivirus and firewalls

Hiring cybersecurity professionals and deploying enterprise-level technology solutions can be extremely challenging for small businesses; without these tools, it can be tough to know where you stand and how to best protect yourself and your customers. As cybersecurity becomes a core function of your business, Defendify allows you to take control of your cybersecurity program and posture.

In addition, NSCA members can provide the same benefits and simplified cybersecurity solutions to their own customers through Defendify’s partner program. Benefits of partnering include:

  • Adding cybersecurity to your customer offering. The all-in-one platform is a natural fit with integrators’ current mix of technology solution offerings.
  • The opportunity to co-brand the Defendify platform and marketing materials with your own logo and sales information.
  • Earn recurring revenue while protecting your customers through an ongoing cybersecurity program.

What has Defendify done for NSCA members?

  1. Helped them understand cybersecurity and its role in their businesses
  2. Deployed affordable, layered, ongoing cybersecurity programs
  3. Established guidelines to set employee and organizational expectations
  4. Added SaaS-based cybersecurity services to their offerings, increasing recurring revenue

What can Defendify do for your business?

  1. Help answer the question, “Where do we stand?”, through health checkups and recommendations
  2. Test your systems and employees to determine potential vulnerabilities
  3. Educate management and employees on risks and threats
  4. Help you watch for and protect against cyberattacks so you can sleep at night
  5. Allow you to provide a simplified, comprehensive cybersecurity to your customers

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*Please note: Defendify is a valued NSCA Business Accelerator. A representative may contact you periodically via phone or email to determine whether these services would be beneficial to your organization.*

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