IBSC Testimonials

“We belong to several different groups and associations, but they aren’t focused on what we specifically do –and NSCA is. Businesses are challenged with how to come up with metrics to run things well, and NSCA’s event has that. The presentations on bookkeeping and accounting offered real-world presenters who have been there and understand how things work. It was enjoyable and extremely helpful to our business.”
-Larry Schoeneman, Designlab Chicago



“I learned more on the accounting and profitability side, which had a lot of good sessions I was able to attend. The conference teaches you and helps you analyze project costs and how to be profitable. It transitions from parts to services. The whole meeting was just a great experience to see what all goes on outside of our company.”
-Steffan Ramage, Sport View Technologies
Sport View


“There were some good sessions that I was able to learn a lot from. I went as an owner, and I think it’s a good opportunity to send other managers and employees in your company so they can learn other things owners hear all the time. There was so much to do and experience.”
-Ed Karl, Pentegra Systems LLC

“From the accounting side, in the technical arena we are in, we need more knowledge in accounting and numbers. You have to run a business by the numbers, too, and [the presenters] really grasped that and explained it so others could understand.”
-Tom McGee, Smart Technology Group, Inc.


“It was interesting to see what everyone else does in the industry. We have implemented a couple things already from what we learned, and hope to see results from them in the near future. It’s a great learning experience. The seminars were very informative and informational.”
-Jarrod Hillman, Hillman Audio Video Incorporated


“It’s not too expensive, and is affordable for the entire team to go. Leslie Shiner is a great speaker; everyone can learn something from her.”
-Patrik Svensson, Westbury National Show Systems

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