Finish 2021 Strong: An NSCA Roundtable

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Integration companies are always focused on finishing their years on a high note – but finishing 2021 strong seems like an even higher priority. The integration business hasn’t been easy. The pandemic caused countless projects to dry up. The recovery has been slow. The solutions that customers demand have changed dramatically. It’s often been a struggle to manage remote workforces.

Despite all those obstacles, there are reasons for integrators to be optimistic. NSCA Chief Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl predicts significant economic growth over the next two quarters. Those dramatically different solutions that customers now demand -- many are right in a qualified integration company’s wheelhouse.

Indeed, the goal for all integration companies in the NSCA community should be to finish 2021 with as much momentum as possible. That’s what this NSCA Roundtable discussion, sponsored by Almo and Barco, tackles. You can get involved in this small-group session. Ask questions. Share your perspective. Together with your peers, develop your own list of action items that will help you to finish 2021 strong.

We’ll discuss:

  • Economic trends and exclusive NSCA research to identify the best opportunities for the remainder of the year
  • End user survey results which provide a window into your customers’ technology priorities as they look to emerge from the pandemic
  • Real-world ideas that can help you focus on the right areas of your business during Q3 and Q4 2021

This is not a presentation. This is a conversation with the NSCA community. Join NSCA’s Tom LeBlanc and Mike Abernathy; NSCA Board Members; and market experts from Almo and Barco.

Let’s finish 2021 strong together.

Call 800.446.6722 or email with questions.

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