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The NSCA Codes & Compliance Committee provides a forum for members to ask questions and find answers to the issues they’re most concerned about in regard to compliance.
Ask our committee a question and the most appropriate subject-matter expert will provide you with direction or advice. We may point you to other resources on NSCA’s website or to the leading authorities on the topic as well.
Our goal is to provide direction and best practices while respecting the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). The general advice we provide may still require you to check local ordinances, codes, or permitting regulations.




Risk Mitigation (2)

It was in reference to someone appointed by the company to oversee and do the mandatory tracking and reporting on requirements such as OSHA 10, track required certifications, attend mandatory job site meetings, manage the project closeout documentation processes, track any contracts with specific provisions for insurance or similar things.  We often assume one project is just like the one before it and we tend to forget that the front end of the spec book is the most important.

Yes! For one, include an explanation of the process and closeout procedures you use in the proposal or contract with the end-user upfront. Try not to use generic language that opens you up to subjective interpretation. Use industry closeout procedures and best practices; provide a timeline that maps out when the owner representative needs to be there to sign off.

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