Exploring New Markets

October 16, 2012

It seems each day that systems integration companies with a traditional or even a unique scope of services are moving closer and closer to competing with one another.  You see more examples of how network connectivity and the integration of new digital applications are driving this.

But that’s not news.  What is news is the code-driven work that previously excluded many integration techniques now allows us to apply disparate ancillary technologies and systems to improve the overall functionality of life safety and communications systems.

We are doing a couple new things you should be interested in.  One, we are advocating for the use of new codes that have these provisions to be adopted by municipal and state code official and authorities.  Two, we are reaching out to systems integrators to help them explore new market opportunities in an open and unbiased format in which we create dialog on the risk-reward and/or partner-expansion models.

Our industry is standing at the doorstep of a huge business opportunity.  Unfortunately the majority of integrators are uninformed of the impact it could have on their business.  Most are predisposed to believe that this doesn’t apply to them.  And that might be true, today.  Like many of the technologies (take IT as an example) we used to say doesn’t apply to me, well we all found out that things change.

Please join us at our MNEC symposium.  Whether or not you do just fire alarm, security, commercial or professional audio video systems… these information exchanges will be very strategic, educational and well worth your time.

I know what you’re thinking, stay focused.  And in many cases that may be your conclusion and what is best for your business.  If that’s the case we can show you how to stay focused and still be a part of the opportunity through partnering.



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