Upskill to Improve Retention and Optimize Talent (Webinar)

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Create DateJune 20, 2023
Last UpdatedJune 20, 2023

Presented by Insperity

Retention of top employees is a top priority for integration companies. If it’s not, it should be.

Recruiting into our niche industry brings challenges. Once we hire and identify our A-level performers, we need to make sure we nurture their careers and, above all, retain them. That’s easier said than done in an industry that sees a lot of jumping around – and in a labor market in which skilled employees are in high demand.

This NSCA webinar offers tips for boosting retention of top employees through “upskilling.” Yes, upskill is a buzzword you’ll read in Harvard Business Review and Forbes but it’s extremely applicable and logical for our integration industry. In this webinar, learn how to:
• Identify the employees with the most upside that will benefit the most from upskilling
• Create a culture in which A-level performers can move both vertically and laterally through a corporate lattice until they optimize their roles and their career satisfaction
• Get started with an upskilling strategy aimed at training promising team members and boosting retention of those who will help your company succeed

NSCA Executive Director Tom LeBlanc leads a discussion with Sarah Grimstead of NSCA Business Accelerator Insperity and Jimmy LoMonaco of CTI. This webinar blends the concept and practice of upskilling with the practical talent needs of an integration company. You’ll walk away with strategies for keeping your most important team members.

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