Talent Recruitment, Retention, & Company Culture: A Roundtable Discussion

Ask any integration company leader about their top challenges and the topic of talent will come up. This is not new, but the conversation has changed a lot as integrators focus on 2023.

Yes, most integration companies struggle to find and hire top talent. Increasingly, though, the bigger challenge is talent retention. The labor market is such that top integration company performers are consistently jumping ship to work for a competitor – chasing higher pay and elevated roles. Poaching has always been an issue for integrators, but it’s worsening as 2023 approaches.

This NSCA Roundtable leads an informative and interactive discussion on how to overcome today’s talent challenges:

• What are substantive steps that integrators can take to find and recruit talent?

• What are the tough questions you should be asking yourself about why your top performers are willing to chase a little more money?

• What are others in the NSCA community doing when it comes to finding talent, building retention, and strengthening company culture?

Hosted by NSCA executive director Tom LeBlanc with featured guests Sam Taylor of Exertis Almo and Michael Ferrer of Sharp-NEC, the discussion will include you as an attendee. Register for the event to listen, share, and collectively learn how integrators can tackle these 2023 talent challenges.

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