Selling Services: Integrator Channel Update

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Create DateJune 15, 2021
Last UpdatedJune 15, 2021

Ian Pugh, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Great America Financial Services
Adam Naylor, VP of Operations & Supply Chain, Liberty AV Solutions
Tyler Ebnet, VP of Sales & Marketing, CEC
Moderated by Tom LeBlanc, NSCA

The tired narrative around the importance of integration companies earning more service-based revenue is changing. That’s the good news. The reason it’s changing, however, is that the pressure is mounting for integrators to provide more of a monthly payment option for their customers.

Many organizations are focused on investing in their space to support their return to work. Thanks in part to the pandemic cash is tight for many customers, so they may prefer not to pay cash or use their bank line. These customers feel more comfortable with a monthly investment. As such, integration companies that don’t offer as-a-service or managed services solutions may be left on the sidelines.

This NSCA webinar leverages new survey data and industry analysis to help integrators understand if they’re ahead of or behind the curve when it comes to transitioning to service-based revenue. Hear first-hand from integrators that are having those frank conversations with customers. Learn about your options for rolling out a recurring revenue/service business (there are really two options – build it yourself or partner with a provider). And submit questions for our expert panel.

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