Inside the 2023 Financial Analysis of the Industry

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Create DateNovember 7, 2023
Last UpdatedNovember 7, 2023

Presented by Exertis Almo

The research in the Financial Analysis of the Industry is among the most valuable resources available to you as an NSCA member. Savvy NSCA members use the data in this integration industry-specific research to identify metrics against which to measure themselves.

Data is broken out by company size and geographic region to make it easy for integration company leaders and CFOs to identify similar companies. This research is designed to help companies identify benchmarks and key performance indicators so they can keep a better eye on profitability and cashflow.

This webinar, meanwhile, will help you to understand key trends and allow you to fully-leverage this tool to improve your business.

Our panelists are as follows:

Jeff Bronswick, CEO of Bronswick Benjamin
Tom LeBlanc, Executive Director of NSCA
Chuck Wilson, CEO of NSCA

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