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PNC Equipment Finance (PNCEF) is the $9.6 billion technology and equipment financing subsidiary of PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh, the fifth largest U.S. commercial bank. As a division of PNCEF, PNC Media Finance provides financing for equipment and system integration projects in the broadcast, communications, media, entertainment, and AV industries.

PNC Media Finance offers financing for equipment and projects costing from $10,000 to $10,000,000 in support of manufacturers, resellers, and customers, including stadiums and arenas, corporate AV, churches, schools and universities, municipalities, concert halls, live theatrical and events, touring sound companies, convention centers, and more.

PNC logoBecause PNC Equipment Finance finances technology projects sold by NSCA members, it understands the industry and your unique needs. It offers creative AV financing that  traditional banks often won’t provide; yet, as a major bank-owned finance company, PNC rates and terms are highly competitive.

Download Lease Payment Calculator & Proposal (Excel Spreadsheet)

The NSCA-endorsed customer financing program through PNC Equipment Finance helps you offer your customers monthly payment options for systems integration projects, equipment, and AV technology. The special financing for your customers includes competitive rates and terms, with most transactions structured with 100% financing and no down-payment required.

Let PNC Media Finance help your customers find solutions to their capital budget constraints with operating budget solutions:

  • Finance commercial, industrial, non-profit, and municipal organizations
  • Fund deposits and “progress payments” or reimburse customers who choose to fund those monies to you
  • Provide interim financing during the build-out or project installation cycle
  • Finance transactions from $10,000 to $10,000,000 or more

In 2010, PNC Media Finance funded more than $3.2 billion on behalf of more than 7,500 customers. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of PNC Financial Services, Inc.
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