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Today’s leaders, teams, and organizations are consumed by the daily crush of managing people, programs, and data in hopes of doing more. Constantly on the go, most of us only half-listen to our customers, our teams, and even ourselves. In today’s business environment, we rarely stop and really listen.

Whether you're a leader seeking professional development, a team working to improve collaboration, or an organization in need of strategic alignment, Audira Labs can help you learn how to work in concert and authentically to achieve a meaningful goal.

Through one-on-one coaching, team facilitation, and strategic planning design, Audira Labs has the tools and experience to help integrators re-define soft skills, formalize hard goals, and inspire a culture of alignment, accountability, and respect.

Stephen Kohler, Audira's founder and CEO, spent 15+ years working within the systems integration market and understands the needs of NSCA members.

What has Audira done for NSCA members?

  • Inspired meaningful results that can be felt and measured
  • Established strategic and succession plans to provide valuable roadmaps for organizations to follow
  • Strengthened key internal competencies, enhanced collaboration, and taught conflict-management skills
I look forward to my conversations with Stephen. He has an aptitude for listening with a unique ability to quickly pinpoint areas of focus with suggestions and insights. His style and method are very effective. This, along with his experience and ideas, was just what I needed. I highly recommend Stephen as a coach.”
-Cory Schaeffer, QSC

What can Audira do for your business?

  1. Provide leadership development and team facilitation services to support breakthrough innovation, a results-oriented culture, and creative problem-solving
  2. Improve employee performance through one-on-one executive coaching, including 360-degree assessments, action planning, and ROI tracking
  3. Lead it through change management and the planning and deployment of organizational design

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Stephen Kohler
Audira Labs


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*Please note: Audira Labs is a valued NSCA Member Advisory Councilmember. A representative may contact you periodically via phone or email to determine whether these services would be beneficial to your organization.*

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