BLC – Excellence in Business Award Nomination Form

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Excellence in Business Award Nomination Form

NSCA is looking for systems integrators with outstanding success resulting from a best in class business strategy in one or more of the following categories:

  • Business Performance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Differentiating Strategies
  • Strategic Transformation
  • Customer Experience
  • Talent Development

For a description on each category, see below.



NSCA member contractors from the systems integration industry who have not won an Excellence in Business Award within the last three years.



Industry contractors and manufacturers may nominate top-level contractors/systems integrators.
*NSCA member contractors can also nominate their own company.



The NSCA Business & Leadership Conference Committee will select one winner in each category based on the criteria and qualifications listed above. Winners will be announced on Jan. 29, 2016.

Winners will receive one complimentary Business & Leadership Conference admission (valued at $1,099), in addition to recognition at the opening night reception/award ceremony on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016. Winners will also be highlighted in various NSCA and industry publications.


DEADLINE: This program is officially closed for 2016.


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EIB Category Descriptions


Business Performance
Examples: establishing methods for accurate job costing, adjusting labor installation rates, introducing new ways to trim operating expenses, etc.
Entries in this category should illustrate ways that your integration company has used industry research, survey data, or other information to make adjustments to the way business is conducted. Explain what you used as a benchmarking tool, who was involved in the process, and what changes you made as a result of benchmarking.


Employee Engagement
Examples: employee engagement techniques, corporate culture exercises, etc.
Entries in this category should describe how your integration firm has created processes and opportunities that allow employees to support overall goals and mission. Whether these improvements have increased job satisfaction, armed employees with new skills, or helped the bottom line, they have helped form a high-performing company culture.


Differentiating Strategies
Examples: new sales strategies, growth strategies, etc.
Entries in this category should explain a strategy your business implemented to stand apart from the competition. Explain where the idea came from, how it was carried out, how it helped differentiate you from other firms, and its impact on staff, clients, and overall business performance.


Strategic Transformation
Examples: entering new markets, increasing RMR, introducing new technology offerings, etc.
Entries in this category should explain how your integration firm reacted to a challenge in a positive way. Instead of shying away from something that was new, difficult, or unknown, explain how your company persevered by taking advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on a challenge.


Customer Experience
Examples: increase customer satisfaction scores, retaining a higher number of repeat clients, etc.
Entries in this category should explain how your integration firm successfully improved or made changes to client relationships or customer satisfaction. Explain why your organization decided to focus on the customer experience, what types of internal changes were made, how you incorporated client feedback, new processes that were established, and how you accurately measure overall customer experience.


Talent Development
Examples: cross-training, onboarding, recruiting and next-gen workforce strategies, career development, etc.
Entries in this category should illustrate innovative methods for dealing with the talent gap in our industry. Explain the methods you’re using to prepare a next-generation workforce, educate new and existing employees about industry convergence, create best practices for onboarding, and/or new recruitment strategies.


This program is officially closed for 2016.


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