January 6, 2012

Q: I’m being asked to provide all submittal and documentation via e-specs. What does that even mean?

A: This is quite confusing. This question reminds me of a few years back when we were in the middle of the CSI MasterFormat expansion. We continue to confuse MasterFormat with MasterSpec. MasterFormat is an industry standard, and MasterSpec a product. E-Spec is no different. It’s a product provided by a company called InterSpec used to interface with BIM and IPD software. It’s similar to the confusion over Revit and AutoCad, both developed by AutoDesk.

In 2012 you will see a lot more coming out from NSCA and other organizations on transitioning to an electronic delivery system for construction documents. It’s here, and it’s here to stay. We need to inform our members about the timeframes, costs, methods and changes that will be occurring. I strongly recommend attending our upcomingBusiness and Leadership Conference if you have any concerns where this heading. We have a session, the Executive Power Hour, which will open everyone’s eyes on where we go from here with this. — CW

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