Communities of Practice Webinar Series

Register now for our new Communities of Practice webinar series, powered by the NSCA Member Advisory Council (MAC). These webinars are designed for individuals with similar job functions to be able to learn together and from one another, and have it all facilitated by an industry expert. The sessions provided access to three webinars in successive months, bundled together for one low price. Each month the instructor and colleagues visited via GoToWebinar for a 60-minute interactive session. Each session required either a short pre-work assignment (i.e. pre-test with 10 questions) or post-work assignment (i.e. post-test with 10 questions). Those who complete all three sessions within a particular series and complete all assignments will receive a Certificate of Completion for that particular bundle of programming.

Price: $99 per person (NSCA Members only)
Four recorded tracks available:


Bob LobascioBobLobascio_large

Corporate Sales Coaches


Bob has been VP of sales for Fortune 500 companies, early-stage venture backed companies, and most recently for the AV integrator that earned SCN’s Top Integrator in the Middle Atlantic States in 2013. He now works for Corporate Sales Coaches, developing training programs based on sales and organizational needs of systems integrators.

Sales Track

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Prospecting and Managing Sales Territories

April 14, 2015     Why Buyers Changed the Selling Process

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

Your “buyer” has changed the fundamentals of selling process; in this session, we will explore cutting-edge sales processes for protecting and expanding your business with your best accounts, and prospecting for new accounts. We will cover the most effective techniques for territory and account management – where prospecting for new business is a priority, not an activity to do when you have time.

May 12, 2015    What Works in Sales – and What Doesn’t

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

In this session, we will advance the discussion on strategic account management and dig into what’s working (and what’s not) for you and your colleagues so you can more effectively penetrate your best accounts and add new accounts to your territory. We will identify best practices from our “community” and test the validity of the concepts for territory and account management. A review of real examples documented in the first webinar will also be discussed.

June 9, 2015    Handling Real-Life Sales Situations

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

In this session, we will discuss real-life situations through interactive role play and real-time coaching. You will have the opportunity to hear how the best techniques are bring used by your peers to drive sales growth in 2015 with effective territory and account management skills. At the end of this session, you will be able to access online reinforcement modules so that you can complete your training in these challenging and critical selling skills, and earn your certificate in territory and account management


Daniel NewmanDanNewman
BroadSuite Consulting


Daniel Newman serves as a strategy consultant for small and mid-sized businesses. Before establishing BroadSuite Consulting, Daniel previously served as the co-founder and CEO of EC3, a hosted IT and communications services provider. Prior to that, Daniel held prominent leadership roles at United Visual, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Track

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April 2, 2015        Understanding the Channels: An overview of Social, Mobile, Digital and Traditional Marketing For B2B

10am Pacific/11am Mountain/12pm Central/1pm Eastern

Marketing today is complex, to say the least and getting the most out of your marketing dollars is important. In order to do that, connecting what you’re doing off line to what you’re doing online is critical. This overview presentation will walk you through the different channels that are part of any successful integrated marketing strategy today, help you and your team understand the importance of each, and demonstrate how to maximize your impact using these channels.

May 7, 2015       Social Selling: What it is, Why you need it, How to do it.

10am Pacific/11am Mountain/12pm Central/1pm Eastern

Today’s sales landscape has dramatically changed, most noticeably characterized by the shifting of power into the hands of savvy consumers. Buyers are generally about 70% of the way to making a decision about a product or service they want to purchase before they agree to take your call. As such, sales teams have to act differently. This session will walk you and your team through the basics of social selling, explain what it is and demonstrate how adopting social selling strategies will empower your sales team and help them connect with more prospects and close more sales.

June 4, 2015     Lead Gen 101: How to Use your Website, Content, and Social Media to Drive Leads & Sales

10am Pacific/11am Mountain/12pm Central/1pm Eastern

Leveraging your website for lead generation is smart business. And growing your database and serving your customers and prospects is how you make that happen. This session will show you how to use your website to grow your database in ways that include making the most of your website. From “join our mailing list,” to email subscription, to downloading a whitepaper, we’ll help you grow your database as well as gather important information about your customers and prospects and where they are in their sales journey. This session will also show you how creating compelling content and establishing a legitimate presence in the social space can power your lead gen efforts.


Nadim SawayaSawaya Photo
Enterprise Performance Consulting (EPC)


Nadim has 30 years of general and operations management experience with contracting companies. He is a consultant with Enterprise Performance Consulting (EPC), a firm that provides specialty contractors with consulting services and professional training programs. Nadim has worked in the commercial and residential contracting worlds for over a decade, teaching the fundamentals of project management.

Project Management Track

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Contractual Obligations of Your Projects

April 23, 2015         Keeping Project Contracts Under Control

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

In this webinar, you’ll receive an overview of construction law as it relates to your projects. You’ll gain practical tips and advice on interpreting project contract terms and conditions. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Identify the elements of a contract
  • Review different contract methods and types
  • Understand General Conditions Terms and Conditions
  • Identify and mitigate the project contractual risks

May 28,2015        Setting Standards for Proper Contract Management

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

Projects don’t always go as planned – so how do you respond and react to keep things on track? In this webinar, you’ll hear about the common aspects of properly managing the contracts associated with your projects. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Understand Mechanics Liens Law
  • Negotiate change orders
  • Respond to field directives
  • Close out the project contractually

June 25, 2015        Managing Project Safety and Risk

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

Jobsite safety is becoming a bigger priority for integrators, as more and more customers ask about the procedures you have in place to keep their employees (and your laborers on their premise) safe. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand project phases and associated risks
  • Conduct a project risk assessment
  • Evaluate and manage for project risk
  • Ensure job safety and OSHA compliance



Leslie ShinerLeslieShiner
The Shiner Group


Leslie Shiner—author, speaker, and trainer—has more than twenty-five years of experience working as a financial and management consultant. She is the owner of The Shiner Group, a consulting firm helping system integrators gain financial control. As a business coach, she has worked with both small and large businesses to help them better understand their business practices and maximize their profits.

Ms. Shiner firmly believes training and education is instrumental in the growth and success of those in the contracting field. She is also the author of numerous publications including A Simple Guide to Turning a Profit as a Contractor. Ms. Shiner is an engaging speaker with a long history of rave reviews. She continues to receive high praise for her ability to make financial management interesting, understandable, and even entertaining. She has received the CEDIA Top 10 Instructor Award several times.

Ms. Shiner’s post-graduate education focused on Finance and Accounting, culminating in an MBA from UC Berkeley.


Finance Track

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Creating an Accurate Income Statement for Better Analysis

April 15,2015   Consider a New Accounting Standard

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

In order to create a profit and loss statement to help you improve profitability, you need financial statements that are readable, understandable and accurate. Consider an accounting standard called the “matching principle”: the amount of income you show must be related to the costs you’ve actually incurred. This webinar explains why, if the cost of goods sold on your P&L shows 25% of the expected costs of a job, you should show 25% of the expected revenue – and be able to show 25% of the expected gross profit. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Create a Work in Progress Schedule to determine true profitability, no matter where you are on the job
  • Determine benefits of the matching principle
  • Organize your financials for better analysis

May 20, 2015   Percentage of Completion Accounting – What Does it All Mean?

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

There are two primary methods used to track business income and expenses: cash and accrual. While one method may work best for taxes, another may be more beneficial for measuring true profitability. But even if your statements are presented on an accrual basis, you can take it one step further to create Percentage of Completion statement. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each method
  • Determine which method your business should be utilizing – and why
  • Create Percentage of Completion monthly adjustments

June 17,2015    If You Sell More, Will You Make More?

9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern

What are the consequences of changes in overhead, margin, and sales volume? This session will help you understand how to avoid the mistake of confusing the markup you charge with the margin you achieve. If you sell more, will you make more? Find out in this session! You’ll learn how to:

  •  Analyze how changes in pricing structure can impact the bottom line
  •  Determine the financial impact of slippage
  •  Measure margins so you can price jobs with enough markup to cover overhead and create a profit





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