Cleerline SSF Case Study: ‘Worst Conditions I’ve Ever Pulled Cable In’

February 2, 2021

In this Cleerline SSF Case Study, integration company Security 101 uses  fiber optic cable to upgrade analog cameras to IP cameras within a housing authority spanning 10 blocks — and under extremely challenging conditions.

Cleerline SSF-FKIT02E_Cleerline_P1

Cleerline SSF-FKIT02E Fiber Termination Kit

Every integrator can relate to projects that provide unique (read: nightmarish) challenges — but can you top this story from integration company Security 101 featured in a Cleerline SSF Case Study?

“It was pretty much the worst conditions I’ve ever pulled cable in,” says lead technician Frank Boutot in the case study.  It goes on to describe each unit within the housing authority having its own hot, short crawlspace, complete with dirt floors and rodents.

One thing went well, according to the case study —  the fiber installation. By choosing Cleerline SSF, “Security 101 gained a 50% savings in time and labor and set themselves up for future fiber installation success.”

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