Finish the Job You Started

March 24, 2011

<p>I’m not exactly sure what’s driving this, but I’ve spoken with dozens of companies since the Business &amp; Leadership Conference about doing profitable work and avoiding the profit-killers on jobs. Certainly, we set the stage for reduced profit (or none at all) when we: 1) bid work with just a few points of margin on Read the full article…

Global Impact

March 17, 2011

I’ve been getting asked a lot this week about the combined economic impact of the horrific disaster in Japan and the political upheaval in Middle East. Beyond all of the human elements, these events have driven fear back into the economic recovery process. A month ago at BLC, we laid out all of the best Read the full article…

More Work or More Profits?

March 10, 2011

Is finding both even possible in today’s economy? Companies need two things: work (as defined by sales and installations of systems) and profits (as defined by the margin on product and labor). Business owners in our industry can’t seem to have both right now. I’m hearing from a lot of members bidding at cost in Read the full article…

Let’s Get to Work…

February 3, 2011

2011 should be a much better year for systems integrators based on the construction forecasts I’ve seen recently. First, the McGraw-Hill construction market forecast shows a positive picture for the fist time in several years. Overall, we can focus on one big number: new construction starts nationwide are projected to be up 8%. The full Read the full article…

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