100 Things I’ve Learned About Our Industry

February 10, 2015
100 Things I’ve Learned About Our Industry

For my 100th blog post, I thought I would share 100 of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from my mentors, advisors, business experts, and industry leaders, as well as my own experiences over the past several years. Here we go … You can never be prepared enough for a natural disaster that interrupts business. Read the full article…

10 Things Systems Integrators Can Count On in 2014

January 2, 2014
10 Things Systems Integrators Can Count On in 2014

Because NSCA members are primarily small business owners, we tend to complain about uncertainty, and we don’t like surprises. Let’s stop complaining (at least about these facts): Here are 10 things you can be absolutely certain about in 2014. 1. Technology will continue to advance rapidly, making it more difficult to keep up with change. Read the full article…

Where Did All the Great Projects Go?

August 10, 2012

pon reminiscing with past NSCA leaders last week during the member reception in Las Vegas, we got talking about the typical jobs of today vs. yesteryear.  One unanimous observation was that today there seems to be something wrong on every job.  Or maybe we have better tools to uncover what we used to sweep under Read the full article…

The Daily Grind of Systems Integration

August 18, 2011

So I asked an integrator; “Hey buddy, how’s work?” He said “it’s a grind”. So, I asked a few others; they all described it in different words but essentially the same manner. Not able to leave that alone, I asked each of them why is that. Here are their responses: Buddy #1: Because I’m sick Read the full article…

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