BLC 2023 Growth, Innovation, & Resiliency

Don’t miss the 25TH ANNIVERSARY of the Business & Leadership Conference

25th Annual Business & Leadership Conference

Tuesday, Feb. 28 - Thursday, March 2, 2023

Las Colinas Resort
Irving, Texas

25-Year Track Record of Helping Integrators

NSCA’s BLC is the industry’s most notable platform for executive-level education and networking—and 2023 marks a milestone.

Yes, NSCA will recognize the event’s 25th anniversary milestone, but it will do so in BLC fashion – by helping forward-focused integrators strategize for future success.

The integration industry is at a monumental point. Supply chain challenges are crippling many integrators’ ability to complete projects and realize revenue. Inflation uncertainty makes budgeting, forecasting, job-costing, and achieving profitability extremely difficult.

As always, NSCA and our integrator-led Events Committee identified the pain points to be addressed at BLC and built substantive content sessions around critical objectives, including:

  • Finding Focus in a World of Chaos by Dave Crenshaw
  • Don’t Sell Yourself Short (a Chuck Wilson-led discussion with integration industry vets) 
  • Cultures of Innovation by Tatyana Mamut, PhD
  • Financial Leadership in 2023 & Beyond by Robert “CUJO” Teschner
  • Leading with Courage and Confidence by Dr. Ivan Joseph
  • The Secrets to Crushing Competition Regardless of Price by Ian Altman
  • Economic Outlook 2023 and Beyond by Dr. Chris Kuehl

“These experts put strategy, leadership, and commitment at the forefront,” says NSCA CEO Chuck Wilson. “And they'll show BLC attendees how to do the same. New solutions are needed to build a different future, and those solutions will be unveiled at this event. If integrators want to be prepared for the future, then this is the place to start.”

NSCA Does It Right at the Business & Leadership Conference

NSCA's Board of Directors and BLC Planning Committee are committed to planning the integration industry's most valuable business conference. They work tirelessly to identify integration companies' biggest business challenges -- then to find top thinkers and speakers that can help integration company leaders overcome these obstacles. In 2023, the business challenges are real -- and BLC aims to help NSCA members rise to the occasion.

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