AV Design Labs Welcomes Vikas

May 13, 2024

NASHUA, NH – May 13, 2024 – AV Design Labs proudly announces the addition of Vikas to its team in the United States. Vikas, who is originally from India, embodies dynamism and expertise, enriching the AV Design Labs family with his exceptional talents and extensive managerial experience.

With a proven track record of success in overseeing departments in India, Vikas seamlessly integrates into the fabric of AV Design Labs’ operations. His arrival marks a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of excellence and innovation in the audiovisual design realm.

In his new role, Vikas will leverage his expertise to drive success and spearhead groundbreaking initiatives in audiovisual design. His adeptness at navigating cultural nuances ensures a smooth transition into the diverse landscape of the United States, setting the stage for impactful contributions to AV Design Labs’ ongoing endeavors.

Vikas’s appointment reaffirms AV Design Labs’ commitment to optimizing resources and empowering its workforce. By entrusting low-level tasks to specialized teams, AV Design Labs enables its high-value assets to focus on strategic endeavors such as on-site coordination and pre-sales activities, driving efficiency and maximizing value for clients.

As AV Design Labs embarks on this exciting chapter with Vikas, the company looks forward to shaping the future of audiovisual design through innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

About AV Design Labs
AV Design Labs is a leading outsourcing company specializing in audiovisual drafting, engineering, and programming services. Committed to delivering exceptional solutions, AV Design Labs empowers its clients to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of audiovisual technology. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, AV Design Labs enables high-value assets to allocate their time strategically, driving success and surpassing industry benchmarks.

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