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The R&D tax credit is the largest tax credit available for businesses. It’s available to U.S. businesses of all sizes, big or small, and is a wage-based, dollar-for-dollar credit. Those in the technology industry – including systems integrators – often qualify to receive these lucrative tax savings. alliantgroup makes sure you get the tax credits you deserve.

What has alliantgroup done for NSCA members?

  • Integrator in Iowa: received $300,000 in tax credits
  • Integrator in Missouri: received $200,000 in tax credits
  • Integrator in Indiana: received $250,000 in tax credits
  • Integrator in California: received $800,000 in tax credits
“NSCA’s alliance with alliantgroup led us to learn more about the R&D tax credit. They made it clear as to how our company is eligible for the tax credit, and showed us exactly how our operations qualify.”
-Bradford Caron, SIGNET Electronic Systems

What can alliantgroup do for your business?

  1. Identify the tax credits and incentives you qualify for – but aren’t taking advantage of
  2. Reduce pending and past tax liability
  3. Help you receive cash back for work-related activities you’re already doing

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